Review + Swatches: Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealers (Fair, Fair Golden), Cover and Contour on the Go Perfection Stick (Fair) and Concealer Brush

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Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer fair.jpeg
Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer in Fair

A product that most of us can’t live without is concealer.  Since I heard a lot of great buzz about the ones from Amazing Cosmetics, I just had to see for myself  how well their Amazing Concealers and Perfection Stick covered, disguised and corrected what needed done on my face.

The company was kind enough to send me two different shades of their Little Amazing Concealer ($28) in Fair and Fair Golden.   This is a travel size .2 fl. oz., but they also have a larger .5 fl. oz. size ($42). However, I like this smaller tube because this full coverage, highly pigmented, waterproof concealer can go a long way before it will be used up.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer in Fair Golden.jpeg
Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer in Fair Golden

The consistency of this product is not thick, but still creamy and somewhat liquid. Do shake the tube thoroughly before you attempt to squeeze some out to make sure it blends well. 

Amazing Cosmetics concealer brush.jpeg
Amazing Cosmetics concealer brush is a quality tool for applying concealer, especially for hard to reach areas like under the eyes for doing a more thorough job.  

I was glad that they also supplied me with a concealer brush because this formula was ideal to paint under eye dark circles.  The size head of that brush made my application more precise as I patted a tiny dot of it in, especially when it came to getting the area near the bottom lashes and the corners of my eyes. 

Amazing Cosmetics three concealer swatches.jpeg
The first swatch on the left is Amazing Concealer Fair Golden, then Fair and ending with the Perfection Stick (Fair) swatch.

All I needed was one coat of this concealer to banish my current darkness.  In its place, their formula managed to brighten as it hid and flawlessly blended into my natural skin color without settling into my creases over time.  I could wear either shade, but I prefer the lighter Fair color for how it suited my complexion.  There are 18 other shades available.

The Perfection Stick ($23) was something else I was fond of using for all the things this chubby pencil did to help beautify me.  I liked it for throwing in my handbag for bringing some light where I need it or to spot cover a skin problem or under eye darkness, if the occasion called for it when away from home. For heavy under eye darkness, you’ll still want the Amazing Concealer because this is lighter and gives more of a brightening effect.  It was also great for playing with my lip line or to even out your skin tone.  This self-sharpening pencil comes in three other shades besides Fair that I selected.

Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Stick.jpeg
Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Stick in Fair

I don’t know how I ever missed trying Amazing Cosmetics until now, but I’m glad that I finally tried a few of their products.  After my experience with their concealers, I do intend on looking into more of their products. Do check them out as well!

Have you tried Amazing Cosmetics yet and these concealers?  


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