Review + Swatches: Take a Walk on the Wild Side With Touch in SOL Eye and Lip Products for Beautiful Definition!

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Touch in SOL Style Neon Galactic Girl Eyeliner.jpeg

Touch in SOL’s Galactic Girl was my favorite bright shade.  The violet with brown really rocked the color in a sensational way.

Giving eyes and lips some dazzling glamour is easy when you find the right cosmetics to help with the task. With the products that I was sent from Korean beauty brand, Touch in SOL, I discovered how to give my features an exciting change through neon color and vivid definition.

Before I tried these wild colors on, I was a bit hesitant about Touch in SOL’s new Style Neon Super Proof Gel Eyeliners ($16) for their unconventional effect.  However, the fun was what came next once I started playing with these creamy, well-pigmented waterproof liners and experimenting with how to turn up the wattage of my eyes by combining colors or eye shadow for reinventing new looks.  

I found laying down a bold bright line as I did with their riveting violet Galatic Girl played up the color of my brown eyes even more than I expected.  You might say it brought them into beautiful focus.

The Astral Ice, an electric blue color, paired with shimmering champagne and bronze shadow gave my eyes an edgy update.   

Touch in SOL Style Neon Astral Ice Eyeliner.jpeg
Astral Ice is not for the shy.  This lively liner is meant to be noticed.

Not to be outdone was the way my eyes looked once I tried on Eclectic Electric, the teal pencil, which by the time I finished my makeup seemed to make my eyes look huge with what the brilliance of that color did to resize my eyes.  

Touch in SOL Style Neon Eclectic Electric Eyeliner.jpeg
Eclectic Electric is bold fun.  Wearing this liner brings out your playful, daring side.

Lights Out was a rich matte black that also applied effortlessly for a pencil due to its beneficial oils such as argan, apricot, calendula, jojoba seed, olive, and rose.  One other color is available in this line called Cosmic Carrot, a bright orange, but I did not get that one to test.   

Touch in SOL Style Neon Lights Out Eyeliner.jpeg
Lights Out is classic, rich black that blends as easily as it glides on.

You should see the extra impact that is possible once you retrace over that dark black with one of these bright neon pencils alongside. The size of my eyes seemed to take on a new proportion with how that bit of wild color only brought more attention to the area.

Touch in SOL Style Neon Eyeliner & One Second Lip Crayon swatches.jpeg
For your viewing pleasure, I swatched the shades for you.  Starting on the left is  Red Chili One Second Vivid Lip Crayon followed by Lights Out, Eclectic Electric, Galactic Girl, and ending with Astral Ice Style Neon Super Proof Gel Eyeliners on the right.

These pencils stay put, despite rubbing your eyes or when it comes to taking them off.  You will need your eye makeup remover to get them to budge.  Soap and water or a rinseable cleanser just will not cut it.

I also was sent one of the Light Bright Brow Spot Highlighter ($21) pens for accentuating the brow area or other facial highlighting in #001 For Your Eyes Only, a matte pink.  This is one of those sponge-tipped pens that you twist to release the liquid that later turns into powder form.  The formula has argan, olive, and jojoba seed oils, which makes for smooth gliding.  As to shades, there are three other shades ranging from subtle in how it catches the light to full shimmer that I would have preferred for any highlighting.  

Touch in SOL Light Bright.jpeg
Light Bright Brow Spot Highlighter

The eye product that totally won my heart was Touch in SOL’s Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara ($22).  The formula is gentle, lightweight and amazing with how its air polymer powder manages to find and wrap around each lash to build them up without clumping or stiffness just by working that wonderful curved brush.  My lashes looked longer from its silk proteins, more lush, blacker, and even had some additional curl to them once I finished after just one coat.  Even after rubbing my eyes, I am happy to say no flaking or smudging.  

Touch in SOL Stretchex Mascara.jpeg
Stretchex really lengthens and adds ample volume!

The last product in my box was a One Second Vivid Lip Crayon ($16).  The one that I got was Hot Chili (bright red-orange), a highly-pigmented color that has a surprising amount of moisture for a satin matte finish crayon thanks to its phyto seed oil complex. There are three other shades in this line from Tulip Pink, Wild Tangerine to Yellow Bird.

Touch in SOL One Second Lip Crayon.jpeg
One Second Vivid Lip Crayon in Red Chili
Modeling Red Chili Lip Crayon.jpeg
This is me wearing Red Chili One Second Vivid Lip Crayon.

This was my first time using any products from Touch in SOL, but now I am hooked after this experience.  I plan on looking into the All in One Beauty Aid Cream next with the cold weather inching closer.  Have you tried this beauty brand yet?  Do check their products out, especially that Stretchex Mascara because I promise that you’ll love Touch in SOL! 


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