Some Great Tricks to Get Rid of Puffy, Swollen Eyes

Some Great Tricks to Get Rid of Puffy, Swollen Eyes
Swollen eyes are no fun.  However, there are simple solutions that can come to your aid.


When you have allergies, you tend to have more than your share of swollen eyes due to fluids building up from irritants. A while back I shared some helpful tips to reduce eye swelling.  Since that time, I found more ways that I also liked for dealing with this problem that you may also be interested in trying.

The first trick for dealing with swollen eyes that I want to tell you about is in your refrigerator. Cleanse your face first.  Next, head to your kitchen because you’re going to need milk.  Pour a little into a cup, clean lid, or bowl and take it with you to wherever you keep your cotton balls.  Dip one in the cold milk (preferably whole milk for the most benefits) and then go stretch out on your bed, wearing this saturated compress for about 10 minutes or so.

Before the time is up, the high fat content from the milk will have accomplished two things.  Being a cold liquid helps the swelling probably just as much as some ice water, but due to the high fat content this method moisturizes while soothing any feeling of irritation that you also might be experiencing.

Not only do I use this method when my eyes puff, but I also highly recommend using milk as a final rinse after cleansing when your skin becomes irritated and sensitive. For a while, I had problems and kept switching one skin care product after the next.  Nothing that I seemed to put on was feeling good on my skin. What rescued my suffering skin was when I applied milk and kept it on until it dried before rinsing.  This simple trick worked to comfort it through a difficult period.

Another thing that helps swelling is picking up a bottle of aloe vera gel.  Keep it refrigerated and apply when you need it the same way to your clean eyes with a loaded cotton ball.  By the time you lift that cotton ball with aloe vera, its vitamin E helps shrink the puffiness.

Something else that is very important that I want to pass along is drinking more water for this problem of swollen eyes. After all, the puffy eyes and dark circles that you could be having might be due to toxins building up in your system because you’re actually dehydrated. Your fluid intake is not the only factor you need to consider. Medications, even over the counter drugs, can contribute to this problem so try drinking more water (between six and eight glasses) a day.

I hope this helps you as well because swollen eyes are far from beautiful.



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