Why You Should Be Conditioning Lashes Nightly!


Why You Should Be Conditioning  Lashes Nightly Lashes
You may reach new lash extremes after you read this beauty post.


Some of us are lucky to be born with a crop of thick, long lashes while others of us get just so-so lashes or short, scrawny ones.  However, sooner or later age catches up with everyone due to the change in our eyelash follicles, which slows and sometimes even prevents our lashes from regrowing.  Despite this alarming news, there are some helpful things that you should be doing each night to stimulate and keep your lashes and brows healthy and beautiful.  Therefore, it’s important for your beauty to know why you should be conditioning your lashes nightly to really reap those amazing benefits.

Make it a habit of conditioning your lashes before bedtime.  What this does is moisturize, encourage new growth and provide your lashes and brows with a protective coat to keep them strong. Of course, you can turn to a conditioning lash serum or some wonderful DIY beauty remedies that I am about to share here.

Castor oil is great for this purpose, especially if you buy the purest form, cold-pressed.  I told you how I like to apply this oil in an earlier post.  Other oils that you probably have at home right now that also work well are sweet almond, coconut, olive, argan and sesame oils.  Pour a little on a cotton ball or a cotton swab and gently dab over clean lashes and eyebrows, working into the roots.

Another excellent choice is vitamin E oil.  Though you can take a pin to a vitamin E gelatin capsule and squeeze the contents out to your cotton ball or swab, I recommend the liquid vitamin E oil (70000 IU) strength done in the same way.  Personally, I prefer castor oil for this purpose, but the vitamin E oil is also very good.  Since we are all different genetically, I suggest experiment to see which oil gives you the best results.

Besides nightly conditioning, you also should give some thought to exfoliate and massaging those lashes and eyebrows.  The reason this is important is to keep those hair follicles from being clogged with dead skin cells from any lingering traces of eye makeup. What helps is using your fingertips and gently massaging both lashes and brows for just a few seconds first before finally washing your face.  This technique will increase blood circulation that is necessary for prompting growth.

Still, there is another solution open to you.  This is lash serum, if you want to explore that option since this type of product often has an exfoliating ingredient such as hyaluronic acid as well as conditioners.

Regardless of your choice, healthy, long lashes and eyebrows are often within reach with a little time and patience!


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