Tips When Following Style Trends That Work for You

Tips When Following Style Trends That Work for You fashion mannequins
These few tips can help add to your beauty, fit, and overall confidence with just a bit of forethought before shopping.


Of course, it is important to keep up with fashion and cosmetic trends each season.  However, it is just as critical to know what styles, color and techniques work for you at the same time instead of blindly following dictates that may be exquisite on some but ridiculous on you. Let’s face it, but the average woman is not a lanky, bone-thin, baby-faced model walking a runway with the same height, weight, features, and proportions to carry some of those fashions or makeup looks off.  Instead, we come in a variety of ages, shapes, colors, and sizes with different working environments that can also affect the image we need to present.  If we intend be beautiful and fashionable, there are a few essential tips when following style trends worth remembering that can work for you.

The first order of business is learning to be true to what you are born with and adapting new trends to your particular assets and flaws.  Lock yourself away in a room with a full-length mirror.  Now strip and take a realistic look of those figure flaws.  Just remember, everyone has them–-even top models and celebrities.

For instance, if you have heavy, beefy thighs and are carrying a big caboose, then a tightly fitting pair of pants, especially leather that adheres to you like a second skin will only draw the eye to your figure flaw as you stuff yourself in. Throw some bright colors, widely spaced and detailed set of back pockets, or a wild design along with that fit and it will flatter you the same way as it does a floating blimp, especially if wearing one with a designer’s name, perhaps, on an ample backside. Being the case, you just may want to wear a straight, but looser fit.  What’s important here is to buy clothes for your body–not the one you wish for that was pictured in the latest fashion or beauty magazine.

Another prime example is jewelry.  While a  large, chunky piece of statement jewelry is still the rage, it can swallow up a small-breasted woman in how much room it takes up on her chest.  A slightly smaller piece can still possess enough detail to compliment an outfit but also focus less attention on that chest.

Take time to root through your closet and examine your outfits.  After all, they are an expression of you–-of your individual taste by the choice of your favorite colors and pieces.  The more you learn how to mix new pieces with treasured past purchases and accessories, the more you can keep your look current but also individualized.

You can even expand that individuality further.  Depending on the function, you can mix it up by incorporating several styles for one special, unique look.  This can be fun, edgy and a way to spark a new attitude as you reinvent yourself.

As to makeup trends, I personally do not see some of them as attractive.  For example, bright eyeliners not lining the eyes themselves but applied beneath looks bizarre even on young eyes. Just as silly is scribbling color on the lids like a child learning to draw shapes, if you ask me.  I feel makeup is meant to help make most of our natural beauty.  Yet, those two examples are so farfetched in how they exaggerate beauty, the techniques are better suited for clowns in the circus instead of real women who are expected to look professional in the workplace.

Think carefully before you randomly adopt just any new fashion or makeup trend.  The tips when following style trends that work for you can help. Perhaps, the “latest” thing may not have the fit or style that expresses your beauty in its best light.


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