A Better Way to Minimize Facial Redness

Minimize Facial Redness With Makeup brushes
A big synthetic brush can be your best friend.


Rosacea can be frustrating to deal with when attempting to minimize that redness.  Though I don’t personally have this condition, I know the difficulty it presents because my mother has it to contend with. However, she has found some great tricks to minimize facial redness when using color-correcting bases that she wanted me to share with others dealing with the same problem.

When she first started using a color-correcting product, she always used to put it on with her fingers. Afterwards, she mentioned that it seemed to make the redness more noticeable.  Of course, the heat of her fingers as she worked that makeup in was what made the problem worse.  Then, I made a suggestion for her to try a synthetic brush.

My first thought was a foundation brush.  You would assume it would be ideal for this purpose, but it went on a bit too heavy in spots.  Finally, it hit us.  We just needed to use a bigger brush like a powder brush to apply the product.

If you want to minimize that redness with makeup and be happier with the results, you will improve your coverage if you try using a synthetic powder brush to apply it.  This size of brush really makes this sort of coverage so much better.

Another tip that honestly helps is Reviva Lab’s Spider Vein & Rosacea Day Cream with vitamin P.  (By the way, I don’t gain financially for telling you this, but what I do gain is helping you in the same way this product helped my mother).  It really lightens the red color and improves the texture of the skin while protecting with SPF.  In fact, it might even help you use less makeup to cover it as well.

Sometimes, the simplest changes can often help the most like this trick to minimize facial redness.  So here’s to you staying beautiful instead of miserable!




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