If You Want the Best Finish, Give Some Thought to the Moisturizer You Use Before Makeup!

Beautiful smiling woman.jpeg
This beauty can smile because she knows how to look flawless in addition to keeping her gorgeous skin comfortable.

If you’ve been in the habit of applying just any type of moisturizer instead of a primer as a base before your makeup and want to have a better finish, you need to skip the fancier, anti-aging variety for this purpose. Instead, a smarter choice is sticking to a basic SPF moisturizer.

The reason I suggest a basic moisturizer is because it can plump up the skin more effectively and even out your complexion since this simpler variety can lack all those extra active ingredients that can limits its hydration power.

A plain, non-greasy lotion works wonderfully, being lightweight and yet moisturizing enough for providing that smoothness and glow you need to give your face a great, primed surface.


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