Review + Swatches: Mineral Fusion Neutral Concealer Duo

Mineral Fusion Neutral Concealer Duo.jpeg
Mineral Fusion Neutral Concealer Duo

Though my under eye darkness has improved since discovering Mineral Fusion’s Brightening Eye Cream, I still need concealer to cover what remains.  PR sent along the brand’s Concealer Duo in Neutral so that I may try.

This 100% vegan concealer has pycnogenol, sea kelp, vitamins C and E, and licorice root for protecting and soothing the skin.  What it does not contain is paraben, phthalate, SLS or fragrance to concern yourself with. Nor does this brand test on animals, which is also to this company’s credit.

The consistency of the product is thick and creamy.  Though you can apply with your finger to beneath moisturized, primed eyes, I recommend using your concealer brush for doing your best work.  This concealer covers shadows nicely, but remember to lightly powder over where you laid the product down to keep it lasting longer.  Otherwise, it could travel to your creases, if you have them.  

Mineral Fusion Neutral Concealer Duo swatches.jpeg
Here I swatched both shades of this Neutral duo.  See how deep the one side is.

Only one of the two shades in this Neutral pan was light enough for me to use.  The other was too dark, a peachy-beige for it to do my fair coloring much good. 

There are three other color choices available besides Neutral from Cool, Deep to Warm at a cost of $24.99.  Visit Mineral Fusion’s website to learn more.  You can also find their Concealer Duos at Whole Foods.


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  1. VickeC
    September 17, 2015 / 11:01 am

    that looks like that would cover anything you needed it too

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