This Handy Beauty Fix Will Save You From Starting Over When You Overdo Your Eye Shadow Or Blush

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Why start over when you can simply repair your makeup mistake?

Sometimes, it is easy to simply apply too much eye shadow.  Whether you were trying to replicate a new look or just fiddling around with those beautiful colors of a new palette you just bought, most of us experienced this problem at one time or another. Earlier, I gave a tip of how to repair the damage without removing your makeup using a beige shimmer shadow.  However, here is another excellent way that you may like even more as a save.

All you need is to grab a cotton ball and dip it into your loose powder.  Lightly tap the excess powder off in the lid or on a tissue so it doesn’t fall in your eyes first before gently blending the color into the area.  This won’t smear your work and will soften that undesired darkness very nicely.  Use more loose powder if you need it lighter.  

When you accidently go overboard with too much blush, loose powder can also come in handy.  Dip your brush in some loose powder and blend over the problem is all it takes to tame a wild, strong color.


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  1. Zoey
    September 7, 2015 / 4:26 am

    Great idea!

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