Try This Foot Fix When Feet Are Killing You at Work

Golf ball.jpeg
What does a golf ball have to do with painful feet?  Read on because this little ball may hold the clue to relieve your suffering. 


As women, we tend to be drawn to beautiful, but sometimes painful shoes just for the sake of looking stylish. Yet, this obsession to look good can affect our feet through the day with heel or arch pain and even foot cramps once in the office.  However, I found a quick way to get some relief that comes in handy when you’re suffering at your desk with a simple foot fix for work.

I suggest bringing a golf ball with you to work and keep it in your desk drawer.  When you feet begin to kill you, take out your golf ball and place it beneath your desk.  Now slip one shoe off a time and start slowly rubbing your foot back and forth over the golf ball to massage it.  Do this simple exercise for a few minutes and then rotate with the other foot.  Working these tight muscles in this way helps relieve the tension and lessen that torturous pain.

Something else that can bring you some quick relief when you discreetly slip those heels off is drawing circles using your toes.  Try a few times forming those circles going to the right and then rotate with the left.  This exercise is another foot fix that helps improve the foot’s circulation.

Even if you work in an open office with others, you can still be discreet and benefit without disrupting your duties or attracting attention.  I do I hope that you try this trick because it does help and will definitely put you in a better mood.

Later at home, you also might want to try soaking those feet in my wonderful DIY foot fix recipe and before bedtime read my earlier post for additional soothing.  If you have swollen feet also to contend with, do read this other piece I did as well because it does make a wonderful difference.


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