Natural Extracts Versus Essential Oils for Skin Care


Natural Extracts Versus Essential Oils for Skin Care Lavender
Lavender is common in organic skin care.


Many organic anti-aging serums are where you will usually see both natural botanical extracts and essential oils featured prominently in their ingredient lists. However, there is a difference between the two that you might not be aware of. I’m sure that you’re with me on this, but I want to know what exactly I am putting on my skin and the specific ingredients that justify the products cost. Therefore, I wanted to help you better understand the unique properties of natural botanical extracts and essential oils.

Essential oils represent the distinctive properties and fragrances of aromatic plants and flowers whose essence has been captured through steam distillation. The process requires harvesting hundreds of pounds of these plants and flowers just to produce several drops of essential oil.

On the other hand, natural botanical extracts are also taken from the plants, but they do not go through any distillation process. Instead, botanical extracts are left as nature intended after harvesting.  Since these type of plants and flowers have strong medicinal properties such as healing or calming irritated skin, they make for wonderful additions to skin care for the true benefits that they can provide.

Here’s the interesting part.  Essential oils have the most skin benefits to offer compared to the natural extracts due to their specialized components such as antibacterial properties, antifungal, antiviral.

The best advice is to become an informer consumer and keep reading the product labels.  You can’t blindly trust a picture with some botanical prominently featured on the package. Doublecheck the ingredient for that botanical because the advertising industry has a lot of lead way in how the product is presented to the public.


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