The Amazing Difference Reshma Beauty Henna Offers Over Traditional Hair Color

Woman Getting Hair Colored Reshma Beauty Henna
Reshma Beauty henna cares for your hair gently over harsher chemicals.


When I was approached by Reshma Beauty to try their henna, I had to decline since I just had my hair colored. However, the more I learn about Reshma Beauty and the advantages of using their henna compared to permanent hair color with all its potential health risks due to some of the chemical ingredients, I am seriously wondering why I never gave it a chance.

**Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post for Reshma Beauty.**

Maybe it is because I was always under the assumption henna would make for red hair.  The real truth is henna can be available in different colors after its leaves are ground into a powder to make this natural conditioning hair coloring that is also free of ammonia or peroxide.

Reshma Beauty has seven semi-permanent shades in their 30 Minute Henna from Burgundy, Chestnut, Light Brown, Dark Chocolate, Midnight Blue, Wine Red to a Natural Black or six in their Classic henna formulations.  Those with light hair can expect a brighter, more flamboyant color result. On the other hand, those with darker hair will notice a more subtle look with softer, rich multi tones of color emerging.


The Amazing Difference Reshma Beauty Henna Offers Over Traditional Hair Color
Henna is a healthier hair coloring option.


Though you can achieve great color as well as add highlights to your hair, Reshma Beauty’s henna has superior conditioning power compared to regular hair coloring with how it coats the hair shaft.  The result is stronger, glossier, better moisturized hair. If this is not enough to look forward to, then it is also said to help with hair growth and with controlling dandruff.  Your hair will also feel thicker and gain volume from the process.

This argument should be convincing enough, but what if I told you Reshma Beauty’s henna was awarded “Best New Product” at ECTM, Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing?

The confusing part now is deciding which Reshma Beauty Henna formulation to choose?  The Classic Henna involves mixing and adjusting the hue of the paste before allowing it to rest for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours and more time (wearing it for one to three hours) before you can finally finish. Those without time to spare would probably prefer the 30 Minutes Reshma Henna, which just requires adding water to mix the hair paste before applying and leaving on for a complete half hour for the color to set before rinsing out with cool to lukewarm water.  Hot water will strip the color in the same way as it does with regular hair color so be careful when you turn on the faucet.

Unlike using a permanent hair color, you don’t have as many weeks to wait until it is safe to refresh your hair color.  You can boost the color and benefit from its conditioning every two to four weeks without encountering the same type of problems of what possible dangerous toxic chemical could seep through your scalp.

Therefore, if you are tired of trusting your hair and possible health to just anything and do want a safer alternative to hair coloring, Reshma Beauty Henna formulations can be the natural solution that you could be looking for.

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  1. Rachel Beltz
    October 13, 2015 / 2:54 am

    I think it's so cool that you can refresh your color every 2-4 weeks! I hate waiting 6 or so weeks before re-coloring safely!

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