**October 27, 2015 Beauty Bargain Alert** Luminess Air – AirSupremacy Airbrush Makeup 6-Piece Fair Starter Kit (Review + SWATCHES!)

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 Luminess Air - AirSupremacy Airbrush Makeup 6-Piece Fair Starter Kit.jpeg
Luminess Air – AirSupremacy Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit

Though I am no airbrushing expert, I have come to appreciate an airbrush makeup system after experiencing the Luminess Air Makeup Airbrush Basic System for how it can delicately layer foundation  to perfect the complexion almost like a second skin. Using an airbrush pen takes practice to mist your makeup properly until you get the hang of it. 

However, if you want an easier route to airbrush coverage–-only without the machine and a stylus, then you need to mark your calender for October 27 and tune to your television to QVC at 10:00 P.M. for “The Find” with Shawn Killinger.  It is during that segment that the Luminess Air AirSupremacy Airbrush Makeup 6-Piece Starter Kit that I was sent to test out will be released at a bargain price of $49 for this promotion.  Normally, this kit retails for $175!   

What the Luminess Air – AirSupremacy Airbrush Makeup 6-Piece Starter Kit can do is basically provide a manual misting application of air primer, foundation, blush, and travel makeup sealant for beautiful buildable coverage.  You also get tools to help in your beautification with a Pro-Air Blender and a brush.

I selected the Fair Kit that came with Luminess AirSupremacy Airbrush Foundations in Shade 1 and Shade 2.  This is a water-based, paraben, fragrance, and oil-free foundation with ultra-low pressure aerosol technology to deliver that fine mist for spraying on the products. 

Luminess Air - AirSupremacy Airbrush Makeup 6-Piece Fair Starter Kit showing tools.jpeg
Luminess Air – AirSupremacy Airbrush Makeup 6-Piece Fair Starter Kit

The first step was priming my face with the Luminess AirSupremacy Air Primer.  After shaking the can vigorously for about five seconds or so, I kept about six to eight inches from the nozzle to cheeks and forehead before spraying.  Then, I used my Pro-Air Blender and spread it where I needed.

Shaking up the Shade 1 AirSupremacy Airbrush Foundation for about five seconds, I applied it in the same way.  When I sprayed, I reached for my Pro-Air Blender to work the foundation in.  I continued spraying and layering until I got the coverage I needed, smoothing with the wonderful brush that was enclosed.  This brush washes up beautifully by the way.

Luminess Air - AirSupremacy Airbrush Makeup Fair Starter Kit swatches.jpeg
Starting on the left is the Soft Rose blush, then Shade 1  and ending with Shade 2 Luminess Air – AirSupremacy Foundation from this Fair Starter Kit by my wrist.

You don’t have to spray directly from the can to your face.  You always have the option of spraying the Pro-Air Blender and apply or mix the foundations in that manner.  I just preferred spraying the product directly.

My Fair Kit came with the Soft Rose Blush, which was lovely.  Misting a blush was trickier to do trying to spray the same amount on both cheeks, but like anything else it takes practice.

To keep my finished face preserved, I found the Luminess AirSupremacy Makeup Sealant.  This product is advertised to keep your makeup application intact for up to 18 hours.  I can’t say for sure if lasts that long, but it does wear for hours on end.  I had this makeup on from early morning until last afternoon without being disappointed so my guess it might just do that.

Equally exciting is that other products in the  #Luminess Air- AirSupremacy line will be available from 12 shades of foundations, tattoo and blemish coverage, blushes, body shimmers and other sprayable beauty products that you might want to explore.

 Don’t miss this excellent sale on QVC.  In fact, the Luminess Air – AirSupremacy Airbrush 6-Piece Starter Kit would be ideal for holiday gift giving.  What woman wouldn’t appreciate $175 worth of everything to get her gorgeous for the holidays?  Check it out!


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  1. Brenda
    October 24, 2015 / 3:37 am

    I never heard of an airbrush for makeup before. Sounds like a quick and easy way to apply your makeup. It's also a really good deal on the price. Thanks for the review.

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