Review: DESSANGE Paris Purifying Clay Collection for Normalizing Oily Hair

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DESSANGE Paris Purifying Clay Collection 

When DESSANGE Paris offered to send me some of their hair products, I had no clue about what to expect. However, I got the new Purifying Clay Collection to help combat oily scalps that recently found its way to Target stores this Fall, 2015.

Since I have exactly the opposite with dry hair, I drafted my guy as the test subject because these products would be more appropriate for him.  Before he stepped into the shower, I asked him to try the first step in this new 30% green mineral clay-based system–-the DESSANGE Paris Purifying Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask ($11.99) on his dry hair. This product is meant to be used weekly to absorb the excess sebum and scalp toxins so hair can better thrive and be normalized.  First, he had to keep this mask on for about ten minutes before he could rinse it out in the shower.

He thought he was finished until I handed his the second DESSANGE Paris bottle–-the Purifying Clay Balancing Shampoo ($9.99) to follow up with.  The poor guy looked confused, but I patted him on the back and explained.  The first jar was to use weekly to lessen the oil and toxin buildup and the second jar was the shampoo that completes the rebalancing process with natural green clay to purify hair at the root as it conditions and smooths with pro-vitamin B5 and rich fruit oils among its ingredients to help improve the ends as well.

He liked the subtle cherry-vanilla scent because it wasn’t overpowering with fragrance was the first thing I got out of him.  After he finished drying his hair, he seemed quite pleased with his appearance since his hair was easy to manage and had a healthy gloss to it.  

The real test was to see what he thought later.  With his oily scalp, he never could skip shampooing his hair every night.  Yet, once he reported home after work, his hair still looked and felt nice, which pleasantly surprised both of us. He liked that he finally found a great shampoo that can help him control his problem. Now my guy needs something to help combat his facial shine!  

If you also suffer from too oily of a scalp and want to try a great system, my guy recommends the Purifying Clay Collection from DESSANGE PARIS since it helped him. This new hair care line is available at Target or on so look for it.


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