Review + SWATCHES: Mehron Makeup INtense PRO Pressed Powder Pigments (Wind) Eye Shadows Palette

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Mehron Makeup INtense PRO Pressed Powder Pigments (Wind) Eye Shadows Palette.jpeg
Mehron Makeup INtense PRO Pressed Powder Pigments (Wind) Palette with colors that can be as bold or as delicately you need. 

Recently, I received some products from Mehron, the company that is mostly famous for their theatrical makeup.  One that immediately caught my eye was the eight pan Wind INtense PRO Pressed Powder Pigments Eye Shadows Palette

At first glance, I thought the matte colors were rather a bit too bright.  However, I was pleasantly surprised once I took the great brush this palette has to them.  The colors that I swatched laid down sheer layers of each of those bold, vivid colors beautifully that could just as easily be built up for a more dramatic look, if so desired. Using a primer first will intensify the richness of the color significantly so keep that in mind.

These shadows are soft, buttery and are wonderful to blend without creating a powder dust storm as you apply unless you tend to pile it on.  Being the case, I suggest using the brush and gently pat the pigment as you go.  If you do so, this minimizes that problem.

The colors in the Wind palette:

Hurricane Blue–dark royal blue
Island Breeze–medium burnt orange
Palm–deep olive-toned green with some yellow that looks brighter green in the pan 
Turbulent–medium warm brown
Tornado–is a medium red-plum color, but in the pan looks more purple lavender
Solar Wind–is a mustard-yellow
Ocean Breeze–ocean blue
Tropical Storm–medium teal green

Below, I swatched the colors for you.

Swatches of Mehron Makeup INtense Eye Shadow Wind Palette.jpeg
Starting on the right is Tornado, then Tropical Storm, Ocean Breeze, Palm,Turbulent, Island Breeze, Solar Wind, and ending with Hurricane Blue on the right.

My favorite way to use this palette was keeping that gossamer effect so that the colors seemed to wash over the lids in gorgeous, gauzy layers as I mixed shades of various pans.  
Then again, when I going for an edgier look and wanted extended wear, I primed my lids before applying and then adding more shadow.

There are two other shade selections in this palette called Earth and Fire.  I didn’t get those to try, but would have loved to sample them.  The colors appear to have a deeper range.

For my first experience with this brand, I was extremely pleased with this eye shadow palette and will keep on using it.  Do check out Mehron and the Intense Pro Pressed Powder Pigments Eye Shadows Palette ($52.95).



  1. Julie Waldron
    October 22, 2015 / 8:15 pm

    I love these colors!

  2. Mary Balandiat (Nuts 4 Stuff)
    October 22, 2015 / 10:52 pm

    You really can vary what looks that you want to go for with this one eye shadow palette set. These colors do blend so well together when you want to try something different. I love it.

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