Review + SWATCHES: Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Sheer and Colour Burst Lipsticks

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Rouge Bunny Rouge

Playing up my complexion was never easier after my first experience with the three Succulence of Dew Sheer and Colour Burst Lipsticks from Rouge Bunny Rouge. The colors that this independent European beauty brand captured enchanted me with how they took to my lips for some instant glamour.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew and Colour Burst Lipsticks.jpeg
Starting on the left are the two Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipsticks with #087 Musings followed by #089 Jasmine-Weighted Air in the middle followed by the Color Burst Lipstick in #018 Raw Silence.

The Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipsticks ($29) line consists of nine shades of which I received two. #087 Musings is a gorgeous pink nude with just enough juicy peach to invite kisses with how tempting this natural color is.

Rouge Bunny Jasmine-Weighted Air Lipstick swatch.jpeg
How do you like #087 Musings?

#089 Jasmine-Weighted Air is a riveting fuchsia pink that is vibrant, but yet a whimsical vision once the ultraviolet emerges within its dreamlike proportions. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Jasmine-Weighted Air lipstick swatch.jpeg
#089 Jasmine-Weighed is a lovely, bright shade that will the wearer feel like a princess.

On my lips, the Succulence of Dew formula felt delightfully lightweight and glided up effortlessly.  These lipsticks were richly colored and shiny, but laid down their weightless pigments more in a sheer manner than heavily coating the lips with thick, heavy color.  The way this color was delivered gave a fresher, lush look to my lips that lasted for about five hours before I wanted to reapply.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew and Colour Burst Lipsticks swatches.jpeg
Starting on the left is #018 Raw Silence, the Colour Burst Lipstick with #087 Musings in the middle and ending with #089 Jasmine-Weighed Air on the right.  

#018 Raw Silence is one of the Rouge Bunny Rouge’s line of Colour Burst Lipsticks ($29).  This is a standout true red that is on the cool side when going for knockout ruby lips.  The formula is highly pigmented as well as wonderfully hydrating with a plant-based active ingredient enriched with an exclusive, patented shea butter that is capable of extra smoothness.  As far as how long this color wore, I estimate about four hours or so from morning until lunch.  Although there was still some pigment on my lips like a stain, I loved the moisturizing feel against my lips in its formula so I treated my lips to a fresh application.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst lipstick swatch.jpeg
Here I’m modeling Colour Burst Lipstick #018 Raw Silence.

When looking to enhance your beauty with some sensational cosmetics, I do suggest visiting Rouge Bunny Rouge because their colors and style along with performance add a sophisticated touch that will give you something extra.  


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