Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse Review + #RouxFanciFullContest That Ends October 31, 2015

Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse
There are 11 great shades available in the line of Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse.


For the most part, I use permanent hair coloring, which can be a pain when you start to get brassy and it’s too early to do another coloring.  However, I got to try Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse in #13 Chocolate Kiss today and now will be keeping a bottle handy at all times because this temporary coloring product can be a lifesaver!

**Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post for Roux Beauty.**

Imagine, the phone rings with unexpected news like an important job interview, an event that came out of nowhere, funeral, etc. that leaves you without time to color your hair or run out to the salon.  Let me tell you that simply shaking up that bottle of Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse and rubbing some puffs of that color solves that problem in a snap to get you gorgeous again.


Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse 13 Chocolate Kiss.jpeg
Here is #13 Chocolate Kiss in Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse.

Besides all the time I saved, I also avoided all that fuss of the need to wear rubber gloves or mixing the formula before applying.  All that was required of me was shake and shoot before dividing between my hands and applying to my damp hair. Trust me, but my hands were not stained in the least.

My hair is medium brown with red tones through it.  The #13 Chocolate Kiss shade did a nice job to deepen the brown tones, more on the color of a Hershey’s chocolate Kiss, and cover a few stray grays.  Furthermore, it didn’t take as many puffs of this mousse to color my whole head as I had thought because I still had a lot left in the can.

If you’ve been contemplating a change or want to tweak your current look, then temporary hair coloring products from Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse and Rinse are the ideal solution to begin that beauty transformation, especially when you can save and possibly win a $3200 designer handbag or be one of 10 lucky people to win a year of Roux Anti-Aging Hair Care!

designer handbag.jpeg
This is the $3200 designer handbag that might be YOURS!



No joke, though, I love Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse now that I had a chance to use it because it is convenient and really get you out of a fix. In fact, I might even try to go darker with the Black.  What do you think?


My hair before coloring.jpeg
This is my original hair color before picture.


Why don’t you head to Sally Beauty and pick up that fancy, new shade of Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse ($10.49) and/ or the Fanci-Full Rinse ($6.49) and embrace the thought of what some sensational conditioning color can do for YOU this Fall.  Use coupon code 555165 at Sally Beauty to save $4.00 off either the Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse or Fanci-Full Rinse before you go.

My hair colored with Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse.jpeg
This is my after picture with the 13 Chocolate Kiss Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse.   Do you like my hair lighter or darker?


Also, be sure to visit RouxBeauty on Facebook and enter the #RouxFanciFullContest before it ends on October 31, 2015. Even if you are not chosen to win,  all entrants receive a free sample of Roux Anti-Aging Shampoo and Conditioner along with a BOGO coupon!  Now what can be more of a temptation than saving money to look beautiful with the chance of winning great prizes?  I can’t think of anything more exciting, so do hurry because the #RouxFanciFullContest deadline is October 31, 2015!




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