Alon Labs Rewind Skin Rejuvenation Formula Review


Alon Labs Rewind Skin Rejuvenation Formula in box
Alon Labs Rewind Skin Rejuvenation Formula


Years ago, skin care was basically limited to moisturizers that temporarily hydrated skin instead of protecting if from free radicals or with the ability to stimulate collagen growth.  Thankfully, a lot of scientific advances have made just keeping our complexions comfortable to reversing damage.   Real changes like eliminating fine lines, more even pigmentation and clearer skin is now at our fingertips–-that is, if we know how to choose those formulas properly like Alon Labs Rewind Skin Rejuvenation Formula line.

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Developed by a plastic surgeon to help his wife’s years of hyperpigmentation and his own rosacea, Alon Labs is a specialty health company that emerged in 2013 to address those needs.  In the process, this innovative brand developed their cutting edge, all natural Rewind Skin Rejuvenation Formula line that can take your complexion in a new direction to combat the visible signs of aging in an exciting way.

The Alon Labs Rewind Skin Rejuvenation Formula combines winning research as well as beneficial cell-repairing ingredients such as vitamin C, niacinamide, melatonin, amino acids, arnica, caffeine, and calendula among its ingredients.

Alon Labs Rewind Skin Rejuvenation Formula out of box
To keep the product at maximum power, you mix the two jars of Alon Labs Rewind Skin Rejuvenation Formula together.


As you know, melatonin along with its amino acids (peptides) has been proven very effective in eliminating free radical damage in cellular function.  It also is extremely helpful into forcing the vitamin C into the skin for repairing inflammation. Niacinamide also has shown to help improve the look of wrinkles from various studies.  Calendula has anti-inflammatory abilities like arnica and caffeine, but also antibacterial properties that can only aid in reversing skin damage.

Though the formula is impressive, this product’s unique delivery system is what make the anti-aging product work differently.  Instead of a factory-mixed product, Alon Labs packages this one that is meant to be viable for 30-days with a separate liquid and a powder in order to keep the formula as potent as possible.

You simply mix the two together when ready to use.  Before you’re ready to apply to clean skin, you give the bottle a brisk shaking and then squeeze out about a half load from the dropper to the palm of your hands. All I did was to rub that emulsion together and gently patted it into my skin.  I even had enough to treat my neck.

I just started using this product since it arrived, both mornings and nights.  However, I can’t tell you that I noticed overnight revitalization since it has only been going on a week.  Yet, I will say that this nourishing cream is already making my skin feel remarkably softer and somewhat brighter.

Obviously, significant changes require more time.  Therefore, I will just have to be patient and wait to see what my complexion will be like.  Here’s hoping that it will help me get rid of that remaining little scar from an acid peel that I have been longing to make disappear.

To learn more or buy the Alon Labs Rewind Skin Rejuvenation Formula ($74.85) or other products, which would make a wonderful holiday gift for yourself or another, do visit Alon Labs!


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