Review: Demeter Fragrance’s Limited Edition 2015 Foolproof Blending Library Sampler Set Debuts Black Friday for $20!

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Demeter Fragrance’s Limited Edition 2015 Foolproof Blending Library Sampler Set.jpeg
Demeter Fragrance’s Limited Edition 2015 Foolproof Blending Library Sampler Set

Fragrance is one beauty essential that I never skip wearing.  Finding the right one to suit your body chemistry can be the perfect finishing touch to help set you apart from the crowd.  If you are tired of blindly following the pack with the same scents that all your friends are wearing, then listen up because I have a suggestion that will solve that problem with what PR sent along with Demeter Fragrance’s Foolproof Blending Library.

Being a perfumista, I had a blast testing, blending with the strips provided in this set and layering the 10 different fragrances that are included in this first set of 3-ml spray vials that come in this Catalogue 1. Think of the beautiful combinations that will be at your fingertips with these 10 fragrances that include:
1. —  Baby Powder
2. —  Pure Soap
3. — Sunshine 
4. — Gin & Tonic
5. —  Laundromat
6. —  Clean Skin
7. —   Wet Garden
8. —  Salt Air
9. —  Lavender
10.– Jasmine

Lavender, Sunshine and Baby Powder is a delightful blend.  Then again, Jasmine and Salt Air is a haunting combination, but introduce some Gin & Tonic gives it a sexy twist. I could go on and on with exciting new custom fragrances as I continue mixing and experimenting with this set.  

What I really liked was this set gives you the opportunity to sample 10 Demeter Fragrances to see what works the best with your body’s unique chemistry.

This Limited Edition Black Friday Foolproof Blending Library Sampler Set will be specially priced at $20 on November 27.  You can find all the fragrances in this set also at, Walgreen’s and the Look Boutique inside Duane Reade.

Also when you’re shopping for fragrance, you may want to take a look at Demeter’s Foolproof Blending Duos and Trios when making out your gift list.   With the Duos ($35), you get two colognes and an empty bottle to transfer your special blend or to just enjoy separately.  

Fragrance Funnel and tools for transferring the cologne.jpeg
This is the funnel and tools that came inside the Foolproof Blending Duo for transferring your fragrance creation.

You might want to check out the limited edition selection of Christmas Tree and Sweet Orange available from November-January 2016 or the Clean Skin/Sunshine or Jasmine/Lavender Sets. 

Demeter Fragrance’s Foolproof Blending Duos.jpeg
Demeter Fragrance’s Foolproof Blending Duos

The Foolproof Blending Trios ($45) is another great suggestion for any fragrance fanatic.  Each set has three separate one-oz. bottles of spray cologne like this delicious Vanilla assortment that has Hawaiian Vanilla, Angel Food and Gingerbread.

Demeter Fragrance’s Foolproof Blending Trio.jpeg
Demeter Fragrance’s Foolproof Blending Trio

Yet, there are so many tempting sets to choose from in either the Duos or Trios that you may find it hard to decide.  Regardless, I say variety makes life fun so do pick some Demeter Fragrances or sets up because who wouldn’t love crafting their own original fragrances? 


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