Josie Maran Whimsical Wonder Argan Oil Color Essentials Set Review for Upping Your Holiday Beauty


Josie Maran Whimsical Wonder Argan Oil Color Essentials Set.jpeg
Josie Maran Whimsical Wonder Argan Oil Color Essentials 


The holidays are the perfect time for you to shine.  If you want your face to genuinely glow with a natural unmade look, then argan oil inspired cosmetics like the ones that PR sent with Josie Maran’s Whimsical Wonder Argan Oil Color Essentials Set is the way to go.

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You got to love the nourishing and protective skin benefits each product in this kit has for bolstering your beauty.  After all, cosmetics can add color but you can’t always say all provide such a rich source of antioxidants and squalene from argan oil to treat your complexion at the same time.

Five products in Whimsical Wonder Argan Oil Color Essentials Set.jpeg
Five products in Whimsical Wonder Argan Oil Color Essentials Set


Inside this $34 kit with a value of $72, you get five sample-size versions of Josie Maran products.  These include the following:

– 0.5 oz. 100% Pure Argan Oil Light
– 0.16 oz. Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow in Beach Sand
– 0.095 oz. Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée
– 0.17 oz. Argan Black Oil Mascara
– 0.23 oz. Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer

I never tried her original formula of Argan Oil to compare the Pure Argan Oil Light with. However, I liked how this product absorbed without any greasy feel left on my complexion. This one was nice as a moisturizer or to prime before makeup.

The Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelees are wonderful for giving your complexion a fresh, hydrated sort of flush due to the abundance of coconut water in the formula. With my light warm complexion, I thought Pink Escape gave my cheeks just enough of a sheer wash of healthy pink color.

Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape.jpeg
Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape


To draw more attention to my cheekbones, I had the Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer to do the trick.  This gently gives the skin a champagne gleam to it wherever you apply.

For some reason, I never got around to picking up any of the Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadows until now.  I got a small bottle of the color Beach Sand, a liquid shadow complete with a doe-foot applicator that you need to vigorously shake to blend the pigment with the argan oil before using.  I would describe the color as a metallic beige-copper that is so neutral for about any coloring or outfit.  It went on smoothly and looked lovely without the same problems associated with dry eye shadow that can occasionally get into your eye from its flying powder.

Another first for me was experimenting with the Argan Black Oil Mascara.  This formula left my lashes emphasized beautifully with more length and volume.  They felt softer and not hard.  Furthermore, my sensitive eyes did not experience any irritation, clumping or fallout.

The great thing about buying this Whimsical Wonder Argan Color Essential collection for yourself or those ladies on your holiday gift list is that you can try a variety of Josie Maran products in one box to find exactly the shades and products that you like the best before buying full-size.

You can find this kit at Sephora.  Do look for it!



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    I'm not familiar company. After reading your review, however, I'll check them out!

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