Review: Keune Press Wax, Texture and Thickening Creams for Help on the Hair Front!


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Keune Press Wax, Texture and Thickening Creams


Hair can be finicky and not always do what you want.  Instead of letting it control you, the way to overcome any hair challenge is with quality professional styling products like those from one of my favorite brands, Keune.   Recently, the company sent along three of their newest styling products with their Press Wax, Texture and Thickening Creams to see what I thought.  Stick around for this review because these three little hair styling gems from Keune are amazing what they did for my hair.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Though I don’t have fine, thin hair, I do have layers cut into my thick hair that also has some natural curl to it, which boosts to life differently for fullness and effect depending on what type of styling product I use. Keune’s Thickening Cream worked quite well in making my curls fuller while providing some beautiful shine. For using the amount equivalent to about the size of a silver dollar to do my whole, still damp head after shampooing, my hair didn’t feel sticky or weighed down with product once I dried it.

Keune’s Press Wax is a liquid wax only in a spray form.  This was nice for my long, layered bang area. It has what I consider a medium hold and gives hair plenty of gloss along with it. What I found especially great about this product was I just aimed the can where hair needed more hold and this instantly took care of it.

I love the versatile styling options using texture creams for control and shaping.  With Keune’s Texture Cream, I can do both from taming my long sideswept of forceful, down-growing bangs to creating new looks. This product gives hair a strong hold.  At the same time, your style later on will be intact once you take a brush to it.

If you are tired of trusting your hair to just any brand of styling product because it has let you down, I share your frustration.  However, what I like about Keune and their line I never fail to notice with each review is that it assures that your hair always will look good.  Do yourself a favor and try these styling products because you will notice a difference!



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