PUR Love Your Selfie Palette Review


PUR  Love Your Selfie Palette
Think of all the fun beauty that you can have exploring Pur Minerals Love Your Selfie palette.


Get ready to get gorgeous or solve your gift buying dilemma for any beauty loving woman this holiday season with one fantastic palette that I have been loving.  I’m referring to the PUR Love Your Selfie palette ($39).  It  is perfect to bring out natural beauty with eight eye shadows, bronzer, blush, illuminating powder, mascara, and lip gloss in one handy set that also travels well!

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. ** 

With colors in this sleek compact of fabulously pigmented shades, you can create a variety of beautiful, fresh looks that can take you from day to night.  You can mix these striking eye shadow colors or simply wet to intensify the depth of the shade dramatically.

Look how easily you will be able to break out of your beauty rut with the color power that is included in this palette.  Imagine all you will be able to do with the following eight shades of eye shadow:

Exposure (vanilla matte)
Fade (sandy peachy brown matte)
Filter (rose-gold shimmer)
Photobomb (dark plum shimmer with black flecks)
Flash (champagne shimmer)
Capture (taupe matte)
Sepia (milk chocolate matte)
Closeup (muted black matte) (.04 oz each)

These shadows blend like a dream and do wear well, but extending them for all the hours of late-night holiday partying, I suggest priming them first.  I always just like to use a primer anyway as a precaution.

You also get a tube of Big Look Mascara (.12 oz).  If you like an extra large wand, then you will be one happy lady with this one.  The formula coats well, but is a bit thinner consistency than some others.  This product didn’t flake off, smudge or make my lashes feel brittle–-just more noticeable!

For the lips, you get a (.14 oz.) tube of Chateau Kisses Lip-Plumping Lip Gloss, which cradle lips in comforting moisture as well as lovely color.  This particular shade included is Exposed (pink nude), a wonderful degree of natural lip color that didn’t wash my fair complexion out.

All of this beauty and yet there is still more.  The products included for the face are:
–-Mineral Glow Bronzer (.08 oz.)
–-Afterglow Illuminating Powder (.08 oz.)
–-Savvy Blush (.08 oz.)

Being as fair as I am can sometimes cause a problem finding the right bronzer. On occasion, they can be too dark, orange or brown.  They also can have too much glitter.  Yet, this Mineral Glow Bronzer gave me just enough realistic, subtle color without the shimmer not to overwhelm my complexion.

The Afterglow Illuminating Powder provided a lovely, delicate glow of light wherever I placed it from my cheekbones, the forehead, the nose, etc.  You need not worry about large specks of glitter in this powder.

The Savvy Blush is one PR also sent me last year that I reviewed.  You can read more about this cool-toned mauve shade and see swatches here.  It is slightly dark, but I found some tricks around that by dipping my brush in some powder afterwards helps or just dusting less pigment can correct it.  This blush does not cake and wears well for hours.

I promise that you too will be smitten with the Love Your Selfie palette from Pur Minerals once you get it in your hands.  However, if you are buying for some holiday gifts then do pick up one for yourself because you’ll probably lose your willpower and end us using it for yourself anyway.  Check it out!

PURLove Your Selfie Palette flat shot
Pur Minerals Love Your Selfie Palette ($39)




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