A Trick for Faking Fuller Brows!

fuller brows
This beauty at what this little trick could do for brows.


As we know, eyelash primers are fantastic aids for building up thicker lashes in how they coat individual hairs.  Just in the same way, these products will also thicken up sparse brows very nicely. However, this is another way to accomplish improving the look of your brows with this simple makeup trick for faking fuller brows.

If you want your brows to benefit, just try combing some primer through them first. Afterwards, brush your brow powder over your work.  Doing so will really seem to make them much fuller than you might expect just because you tried this trick for faking fuller brows.

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  1. Dorothy Hubbard
    December 14, 2015 / 5:47 pm

    Thanks for the great trick, I'll be putting that to use soon.

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