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Even before I ever knew that I would find myself writing about beauty, I was enthralled by the artistry of Borghese cosmetics years ago.  Their unabashed use of bold, rich color always used to give me a thrill when I would gaze admiringly at their new collections because they were true masters.   Their deep appreciation of color was why I first became a Borghese customer from early on and still count them as one of my regular brands.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. ** 

To my delight, the company surprised me with a package of their new season’s products.  With what I found in this box is just what any woman needs for looking effortlessly chic in time for the holidays with these Borghese cosmetics.

Take their Eclissare Color Eclipse Shadow and Light Luminous Eye Palette ($55) of 12 haunting neutrals that also came with its own double-sided brush.  These silky, shimmery pearls and glowing metallics as well as its matte powders do an excellent job to make eyes look sensational with their fashion forward treatment of highly-pigmented color from the light to dark shades. I love how easily these vibrant shadows respond to blending like all Borghese cosmetics that I have tried.  They flatter each other, allowing me to create a myriad of new looks that won’t crease or fade for hours on end.

Borghese cosmetics Eye Palette
Eclissare Color Eclipse Shadow and Light Luminous Eye Palette


Now that I got your attention, let me delve into those 12 amazing colors of:

Bask – a light, warm-toned creamy-beige with a satin-matte finish

Afterglow – a warm-toned , highly metallized medium-beige

Pulse – a warm, highly metallized soft-peach

Veil – a cool neutral soft-brown with a satin-matte finish

Muse – a burnished gold with brown shade glows with lots of metal

Ascend – a light tan with a satin-matte finish

Wane – a rich warm medium brown with a satin-matte finish

Impact – a highly metallized, medium rose-copper

Downfall – a dark matte brown

Out There – a heavily metallized medium pewter.

Shroud – a deep charcoal-grey with blue undertones, highly metallized.

Immortal – a charcoal-black with subtle silver glitter through its mysterious depths


To pull off further eye drama, Borghese provided a mini size Superiore State-of-the Art Mascara in Black. This is easy to apply, a non-clumping, non-flaking formula in true rich black that does a fine job of lengthening lashes to incredible new lengths without piling on layer after layer.  My short lashes looked naturally longer with softness to the touch instead of fake and spidery-looking with hardness to them from a mascara overload.  However, if volumizing is more your thing, then this product won’t wow you in that respect.

I also got an Eclissare Color Eclipse Coloredge Pitch Black Eye Liner pencil ($21.50) to bring out my eyes. This pencil is softer spreading, besides being a very rich black formula that won’t pull on that fragile skin while adding a smoldering intensity as it rings eyes with deep black color.

For lips, I got a B Moisture Advanced Care Lipcolour ($24) in Grappa, a creamy red-wine shade with a slight sheen to it. The feel is so hydrating with a lot of high impact color to it that can keep your lips beautiful and comfortable for at least four or five hours.  However, it can migrate outside the lip line with all that lush creaminess so wear a lip liner, which solves that issue.

I also received two Eclissare Color Eclipse Colorglass Lip Glosses ($21.50) in Simmer and Spark.  These are thick, highly moisturizing with an unbeatable shine.  Simmer is a luminous sort of clear color with silver and pink fine sparkles radiating throughout.  Spark is more of a shimmery taupe-champagne shade that makes for inviting luscious lips.

Borghese cosmetics Lip Gloss
Eclissare Color Eclipse Colorglass Spark Lip Gloss


Borghese cosmetics Eclissare Color Eclipse Colorglass Simmer Lip Gloss
Eclissare Color Eclipse Colorglass Simmer Lip Gloss


This was the first time I tried the Prima Viso Face Primer ($27).  My goodness, what I missed with how this smoothed with its botanical extracts and left my complexion practically flawless after I finished my foundation.  It really hydrates and keeps your complexion perfect without feeling greasy or sticky until you need to take it off.  This is one you need to try!

Finally, I found a Fango Purificante Purifying Clay Cleanser ($30) for deep-cleaning pores among the products.  When I saw it was clay-based, I worried that this mask-like cleanser, which rinses off with water might be too harsh with my dry skin.  Nonetheless, I was wrong.  This nourishing cleanser has phytic acid and polyphenol-rich plant extracts and antioxidants to tackle the hidden grime of pore-buildup, leaving your skin feeling invigorated as it deep cleans.  I plan on using this twice a week to make sure all that remaining, but trapped grime is gone.

Take my word on this.  These Borghese cosmetics are luminous and rich colors to make you the center of attention of those holiday parties.  If you intend to winter beauty your priority, then go for it and visit their website!



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