What You Don’t Know About Eye Creams, Eye Gels and Eye Serums Could Hurt You


What You Don’t Know About Eye Creams, Eye Gels and Eye Serums That Could Hurt You Eye
Your eyes can be your most beautiful feature so keep them healthy if you want them to stay that way.


Keeping the eye area properly moisturized is essential.  However, you must always use only skin care products designed for that purpose if you want your eyes to stay healthy.  The only exception to use a rich face cream or lotion is if it is labeled ophthalmologist-tested and safe for the eye area. Otherwise, stick to eye creams, eye gels and eye serums for moisturizing the eye area to avoid potential trouble.

Think of where you place your eye cream or serum.  Do you apply just under the eye or, perhaps, the entire eye?  If you have been moisturizing the whole eye area, including the eyelid itself you need to stop immediately.  Since the skin of the eye in this area is so thin, the ingredients in that cream can seep through to your eyeball!  Please remember that eye creams and serums should only be applied to specific areas of the eye.

Make it a habit to use such eye products just below the brow and under the eye just not so far to the corner that any of the product could block your tear duct.  This could lead to an eye infection, puffy eyes, under eye bags, and a gamut of problems that would require you to seek medical attention and have that tear duct drained.

The next time that you’re shopping for new eye creams, gels and serums, there are some things that you might want to think about.  Fragrances are beautiful to inhale, but they should be avoided in skin care products for moisturizing the eye area since they have the potential to irritate the skin and cause swelling.

Thick, heavy formulations of eye creams might not be the best idea either, but especially for those with those white little bumps known as milia under the eyes because it can aggravate and make the problem worse.  A thinner eye cream or serum also means less tugging on the delicate skin as well as better absorption than some thick formula that just seems to sit on the surface.

Your eyes are very important so keep a check on what products you use for moisturing the eye area.



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