How to Lighten a Dark Foundation

How to Lighten a Dark Foundation Happy woman
Look at how happy this beauty is now that she knows how to solve this dark foundation problem!


Foundation can help improve the face and rid it of imperfections, uneven tone and smooth the surface so it appears flawless.  However, if you choose the wrong shade such as too dark of one, then you can just as easily be distracting from your natural beauty. Nonetheless, there are a few easy fixes on how to lighten a dark foundation that you might want to try before you toss that bad foundation choice away.

What I suggest first is starting with this trick to lighten a dark foundation. Try wetting your fingers just enough to moisten them.  After you prepare, I want you to head to your mirror. Now gently rub your moist fingers over your face and along any line of demarcation, especially near your jawline and even the neck if necessary.  Your plan is to sheer the foundation by changing its texture.

What else that you could try is pouring a small amount of your moisturizer into your palm and dip your foundation brush into it before using on your face to smooth and sheer your work.

Tissues also can come in handy for correcting foundation. Separate a tissue and gently place one of its two-ply layers  over your face.  Press the tissue lightly against your complexion before lifting the tissue will remove some of the makeup, but will leave enough for you to adjust.  You can further sheer the color, using either your moistened fingers or some moisturizer. Another tissue method that you may also care to try is moving that single layer gently around your face before lifting it instead.  Either way you use that tissue will take some of the dark foundation off.

When you have sheered the color somewhat, you can still do better.  Take out your loose transparent powder and dust some over your face.  This will also lighten up the color that you just created.

If you hate working with a loose powder because you breathe in too much flying dust, I have another tip that solves that problem.  After dipping that brush in the loose powder, blow lightly on that loaded brush first before taking it to your face.  To save yourself the mess, blow the brush over the lid of your powder or lay down another tissue to catch any falling powder helps also.

In the future, you could also try pouring some of your lighter foundation in your palm with some of the darker to mix a new shade.

I hope you try these tips that I suggested here on how to lighten a dark foundation because they do help and will get you by if you’re trying to keep on using that too dark of a shade.  You also might want to read my post on how to shop more wisely for foundation.


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