A Quick Makeup Trick for Instant Radiance

A Quick Makeup Trick for Instant Radiance
This beauty knows how to bring instant luminosity to her face.  Do you?


There are times when our complexions may look dull.  Losing radiance can be even more of a problem as we age due to changing hormones.  Of course, it helps to exfoliate as well as turn to brightening skin care products when faced with this problem.  In the meantime, there is another way with this makeup trick to achieve instant radiance by brightening up your face through adapting the makeup colors you normally wear.

To truly benefit, one makeup color in particular is what you need to concentrate on to gain impact.  On those occasions, you might want to try wearing more of your pink cosmetics. With that in mind, root through your makeup bag for delicate pink blushes, pearly hues of baby-pink eye shadows and pink lip glosses or lipsticks.  The secret for this makeup trick is not to use just any pink, but soft, sheer shades that will help light up your face enough to create some instant radiance!



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