Has Your Hair Been Refusing to Grow Lately? Here’s Help You Need to End That Problem!


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This beauty knows caring for hair as lovely as hers involves more than just products.


Heredity has a lot to do with how quickly hair can grow.  On an average, it grows about a half inch a month for most people and much faster for others.  However, if your hair has suddenly been refusing to grow as fast as it used to, then there could be reasons that you might want to think about.

Have you been ill lately or taking new medications? Drugs such as various ones for cholesterol, thyroid, antidepressants, weight loss drugs, anticoagulants (blood thinners), and even some new birth control pills among others can play a part in slowing hair growth.  This is just one possibility that, perhaps, can be easily solved by having your doctor substitute another drug.

An increase in stress is another factor that cause this problem.  Have you been under more pressure at work or experiencing difficulties at home with finances, your relationship, the children, etc. lately?  If so, your body is releasing the stress hormone cortisol, which definitely can contribute in making your hair follicles rest.

Instead of resorting to cigarettes and tons of coffee that can make that stunted hair growth worse, you might want to eat a healthier, more balanced protein diet to get you through this period.  Also, you might want to try supplements like Biotin and other B-complex vitamins, zinc, and vitamin D.

Maybe you also have been so busy with life that you haven’t visited the hair salon as often as you normally would.  Then again, you could just be trying to grow your hair out to explain your reason for fewer visits to the salon.  If this sounds like you lately, then unattended hair could result in split ends. Without regular maintenance, the hair can split up to the shaft and break more before it has a chance to grow.

Of course, you could be the opposite and frequently go to your hair salon to have chemical processes there or at home with too many perms, permanent hair colorings, bleaching, or having your hair relaxed. Ammonia,  peroxide in one form or other, along with other oxidizers can damage the follicles enough to have hair loss and inhibit the hair’s grow.

Hair extensions are quite popular, but could be also the reason your hair has slowed down its growth.  Ask yourself whether you have been going overboard with gluing them in?  Relying too heavily on those hair extensions whether with glue or sewing them into your tight braids could be affecting your follicles.  A safer solution until you get your hair growth back to normal is switching to a clip-in piece for longer hair.

This post will only clue you into the possible causes of why your hair has been disappointing you in how it’s been growing.  Hopefully, this information will help and your problem will resolve itself.  If not, I do suggest making an appointment with your family physician to discuss it further.


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