How to Have an Instant Nose Job Without Surgery

How to Have an Instant Nose Job Without Surgery Woman's Face in shadows Pixabay Image
Learning where to direct light and dark shadows is the secret to overcome beauty flaws.


Most of us have a feature that we aren’t particularly happy with.  Personally, I don’t care all that much for my nose.  Some people think it’s cute but I never saw it.  Therefore, I took it upon myself to learn how to reshape it with makeup.  I want to share some excellent highlighting and contouring tricks that I discovered for creating an instant nose job for your own perfect nose.

Though you can use any form of highlighters and contouring powders, bronzers or shadows, you can also use three different shades of foundation.  One color that is an ideal match for your skin tone, another a shade darker and one a shade lighter than your complexion also works wonderfully.

Since I also like to define my bone structure to my advantage, I found using the three foundations gives me the most natural results over too shimmery a highlight or too dark of a contour color.  To me, this method just saves time.

If your nose happens to be wider than you like, the best way to start is by redirecting the light away from its width that you don’t like and focusing on the center.  Use your lightest foundation or highlighter apply a fairly thick line along the length of your nose, along the bridge, but stop short before you reach the tip can give you an instant nose job.

Now to narrow that nose down you need to cast dark shadows over portions of the sides that you feel are too wide.  A safe starting point is just below the inner corners of the brows and end of the sides of those nostrils.  Then go ahead, try to blend that paler foundation or highlighter on the bridge with the problem area that you marked with the darker foundation or contouring powder should slim it down is another way to achieve an instant nose job.

If you feel that your nose is too long, you also want to highlight the bridge of your nose.  However, place that light somewhat higher and start near the center of your brows.  Next, you need to take a bit of your darker foundation and apply some just under the tip of your nose.  Use a light touch to blend.  If you’re using a dark powder to contour be careful of how much you use, otherwise, you could look like you have a dirty nose. This trick will help direct eyes upward instead of focusing in on what you may consider your larger nose.

Then again, you may think that your nose is too short. Start highlighting in the area between your brows at the top of the bridge, but this time you want to also use some on the tip of your nose.  To finish off, contour both sides of the nose to its tip.  Directing light and shadows in this way will length your nose’s appearance.

Of course, you also might feel self-conscious if you think you have a crooked nose.  Fear not because you can fool the eye and magically straighten it with your makeup.  Look at yourself in the mirror, but don’t concentrate on that flaw.  Instead, see yourself with a straight nose because you’re going to artificially straighten the line of it with a highlight to perfect the look of your nose.  Contour the sides to suit your needs.

Having too thin of a nose can also be challenging.  However, you might want to try highlighting the top of the bridge but above the brow area before contouring below the inner corners of the eye along the sides. Avoid working on the tip. Make sure the highlight along the bridge is longer than the darkness on the sides before blending.

I hope you try these makeup tricks because working with light and shadow can reshape what you may consider your problem and turn it into an asset just like you had an instant nose job–only without the pain of surgery!



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