Fashion Tips That Instantly Slim

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You need to think of your body realistically when shopping to make the most fashion sense.


Now that the holidays are over, you may be noticing a few extra pounds when you get on the scale or judging by the fit of your clothes.  As we know, it is so easy for the weight to sneak up on us, but so much harder to take if off.  However, I have some wonderful fashion tricks that you might want to try to make you look instantly slimmer.

Choice of Colors Matter for Instant Slimming

Go to your closet and examine the colors of your outfits.  Notice how the bright colors draw the eye out. On the other hand, dark colors like navy blue, brown, gray, and  black has the opposite effect. If you want your whole body minimized, try wearing a dark dress with matching dark hose, suit, or pants, top, or a sweater all in one dark shade.  Afterwards, gaze at yourself in a full-length mirror.  You’ll look as if you just shed ten pounds.

Certain Styles Are Not for Everyone 


Although pleats will be huge for Spring 2016, they are not for every figure.  All that extra fabric only puffs your bad spots out whether your waist, hips, or neckline.  If you’re bottom-heavy, those loose pleats with all that material gathering at the waist can exaggerate your front so you look like a barrel. Avoid those paperback waists when shopping this Spring because while that look of extra loose, scrunched up fabric might be trendy, it will also only make you look heavier.  A straighter line is better.


If you’re top heavy, all that those pleats, fancy ruffles, and big bows along with those expansive, puffy Victorian sleeves, also big for this Spring, only make you look larger with all that extra material and fuss at the top.  Instead, try a V-neck so it can divert the eye in that diamond-shape as it plunges.  Your neck will look longer so you appear slimmer as the eyes drop downward to your shoulders.


Stripes also will be everywhere this Spring.  Nonetheless, you need to be cautious when wearing stripes. Horizontal stripes will only make you look wider so avoid them and consider vertical stripes, which can only draw the eye down your figure to slim.


Don’t wear too short pants.  Keeping your hem longer, at least an inch from the ground, can help elongate the leg, especially if you go with a straight-leg cut.  For more slimming fashion advice, do read my previous post.


These are just a few simple tricks that really can make a difference to reshape your figure.  Do try because they do work!



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