Review: Lavanila Vanilla Snowberry Healthy Deodorant Mini

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 Lavanila Vanilla Snowberry Healthy Deodorant Mini.jpeg
 Lavanila Vanilla Snowberry Healthy Deodorant Mini 

If you’re trying to steer clear of aluminum-based antiperspirants and deodorants, then I am happy to report Lavanila released a new scent in their Healthy Deodorant line called Vanilla Snowberry that will take the worry out of underarm protection.

This is a hard scent to describe once you take a whiff since I never smelled a snowberry.  However, this has sort of a peppermint aroma along with its other notes of iced raspberry, woodland rose, and Madagascar vanilla that give it a Wintery feel that either sex would be comfortable wearing.

This little stick has essential oils and a special beta glucan technology that did help keep me fresh longer than I thought possible for just a deodorant compared to what I normally used to wear with an antiperspirant.

This Lavanila Vanilla Snowberry Healthy Deodorant Mini  sells for ($8), but they also have a larger size ($14).  Do check it out. 


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