Mineral Fusion Eye Shadows Review: Raw and Flash


Mineral Fusion two Eye Shadows
Mineral Fusion Eye Shadows (Flash on the left and Raw on the the right)


Mineral Fusion eye shadows offer a great way to accent the eyes with beautiful color while also keeping them healthy without risking them to any potential toxins.   The brand is one that I am really  fond of from my past experiences with their cosmetics, skin and hair care products that I have already reviewed.  If you have color staples that are always in your makeup bag, then you definitely would be interested in this company’s line of mineral eye shadows that are powder singles ($16.99).

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated through a free product (s) and/ or monetary payment.  Opinions are solely mine. **

I got a chance to try two shades from that line.  Raw is a matte dark espresso brown.  Flash is the highlight shade, a pale matte pink with a touch of beige.  On the company’s website, Flash looks pinker almost with some violet to it.  My photo captured more beige than it is, but the color does have some pale pink to it off.

These gentle eye shadows glided on smoothly, blended well and made my brown eyes look even browner with this particular hue of brown. I do have my share of allergies, but this formula left my sensitive eyes free of redness or itching as some brands can do to me at times.  This powder has a silky feel as it adheres to your lids.

I didn’t have a problem with creasing, but I do always like to prime, which probably does help. These shadows wore until I took them off later after dinner with just my water-rinsing cleanser.

I do recommend stopping by Mineral Fusion or Whole Foods and trying these eye shadows for yourself. You will love them.  I promise!


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