Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara (Midnight) Review

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Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara (Midnight)


Having allergies makes my eyes extremely sensitive at times.  They have a tendency to water, itch, and get red, which at times can give me problems wearing certain mascaras.  However, I seem to have a lot of luck with vegan brand, Mineral Fusion with how gentle their formulas are for someone like me that easily gets irritated.  This statement still holds true after my latest experiment wearing their Volumizing Mascara in Midnight that PR provided.

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This mineral formulated mascara is truly gentle and free of paraben, phthalate, fragrance, artificial color, and gluten.  Besides this intense blue shade of Midnight, Mineral Fusion’s Volumizing Mascara also comes in a black (Jet) and brown (Chestnut).

Let me cut to the chase.  My lashes aren’t what they used to be.  No doubt, rubbing them probably thinned some of them, but they are shorter than I care to admit.  Yet, once I pulled out this volumizing mascara’s brush, it separated and seemed to find each stubby lash in one swoop of that wand.  My lashes were fuller and longer without resorting to a second coat!

Usually, I stick to black mascaras for ease of wear.  Nonetheless, my dark-brown eyes sporting those midnight-blue lashes along with blue liner really made them pop.  If you also are a brown-eyed girl, I do recommend this Midnight shade because this bit of color contrast can work magic for you.

All through the day, I didn’t get bloodshot, tear, itch, flake, or smudge either.  I can’t say enough nice things about how much I liked this mascara to wear as well as remove.   You got to try Mineral Fusion’s Volumizing Mascara ($18.99) for yourself.  Find it on their website or at Whole Food stores.



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