Review: Sugarless Sensations Sugarless Subscription (Winter Traditions 2015 Box) Can Make Weight Management Easier!

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Sugarless Sensations Sugarless Winter Traditions 2015 Box

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Sugarless Sensations

According to the USDA, the average American consumes somewhere in the range of 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars a year, which increases our weight and chance to develop diabetes.   Yet, unless you were told to watch your diet, have diabetes, or live with someone that may be a pre-diabetic, then you probably would never give it much thought or know how hard it is to miss all the cookies, cakes, pies, desserts, ice cream, etc. while the rest of the world continues to eat those sugary treats without you. However, with a Sugarless Sensations Subscription I can honestly tell you would never know the difference.  

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Take a look at all you get and the generous sizes in a Sugarless Sensations Box like this Winter Traditions Box.  A card detailing each product comes with it.

Anyone trying to find delicious sugar-free substitutes, low-carb or low glycemic foods really would love this subscription.  Each Sugarless Sensations box has anywhere between six and eight sugarless treats and tasty, savory snacks that would fool even your pickiest eater for a cost of $39 a month with free shipping.  

You may think that I must be exaggerating because nothing sugar-free or low-carb could possibly compare to the real deal.  I was of the same thought until sampling this fabulously curated selection that came in their Sugarless Sensations Winter Traditions Sugarless Box.

Trust me, watching your diet will never taste better with the companies chosen for this box.  Wait until you hear more about that Winter Traditions Sugarless Box that arrived and then you can judge.

Sugarless Sensations Winter Traditions (2015) Sugarless Box

1.  Carbolicious Melba Toast (4 oz.) —————————————-$8.99

2.  Walden Farms Caramel Dip (12 oz.)————————————-$4.99

3.  LC Hot Cocoa (8.2 oz.)——————————————————-$9.35

4.  Walden Farms Cranberry Sauce (12 oz.)——————————–$4.99

5.   Shelton’s Turkey Sticks ( 1 oz.)——————————————–$1.61

6.   Chocoperfection Almond Dark Chocolate ( 1 oz.)——————–$3.91

7.  Chocoperfection Raspberry Dark Chocolate ( 1 oz.)——————$3.91

8.  Sweetly Nuts Cinnamon Vanilla Roasted Almonds (12 oz.) ** no found price 
(estimated value for similar product and size)——————————–$13.99

Total Value: $51.74

The Carbolicious Melba Toast is made with flaxseed and almond meal.  This crunchy sugarless snack bread/cracker is loaded with protein and fiber.  I recommend topping or dunking into a bowl of chili like I did brings out the nutty flavor more.  Experiment with your favorite meats and cheeses or float them in a creamy bowl of tomato also is sensational.

The Walden Farms Caramel Dip hardly tastes like it has none of the bad stuff like calories, sugar, gluten, fats, or carbs–-only its natural flavoring.  I poured some on sliced apples and was amazed that it was just as rich and yummy as the regular caramel dip we used to buy.

The LC Hot Cocoa is made with real milk that has the lactose and sugar wells as all natural ingredients.   No artificial sweeteners are in this mix that has one carb per cup.  It is made with a natural Dutch cocoa, organic stevia and chicory root among its ingredients.  They suggest adding two tablespoons and a teaspoon of heavy cream to each cup along with your boiled water and cocoa mix, but I didn’t have any in the house when I made a cup.  My hot cocoa was very good and I really didn’t miss the extra creaminess.   

Another Walden Farms product that I got to taste was their Cranberry Sauce.  This completely natural fruit spread was delicious on my toast this morning.  I still can’t believe it didn’t have calories, sugar, fat, carbs or gluten–-only the awesomeness of cranberries!

The Shelton’s Turkey Sticks that were in the box happened to be the Jalapeno version. These little yummy sticks are all natural, gluten free and made from antibiotic-free turkey along with subtle spicing to them. These are really good when you need something quick to satisfy your hunger to munch slowly when you need a snack.

Both of Chocoperfection Raspberry or Almond Dark Chocolate Bars go beyond extraordinary.  In fact, these bars sweetened with chicory plant root fiber were voted Best Tasting Sugar-Free Chocolates for their sweetness.  I dare you to serve this to a candy-crazed child and watch how quickly that chocolate would disappear. 

Last of all, I found a cone of Sweetly Nuts Cinnamon Vanilla Roasted Almonds.  These were another pair of winners with me in regard to taste.  Their only sweetness comes from natural sweetener and the almond’s own natural sugar with cinnamon and vanilla to further enhance that goodness.

With all my heart, I wish that I had found Sugarless Sensations Subscription Box years ago for my grandmother.  She had age-related diabetes that didn’t require insulin but changing her diet.  A box like this one would have made a wonderful gift over bombarding her with the usual robes, nightgowns, etc. that she kept accumulating.

Now is perfect time to sign up because all this month through February 17 all new subscribers or any current customer that refers a friend can have $5 entering REFERME5 coupon code at checkout.  

Trust me, Sugarless Sensations Subscription is one of the most thoughtful gifts that you could give a loved one or do for yourself.  Do check out the Sugarless Sensations website and consider a subscription.  


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