Review + SWATCHES : Mineral Fusion Blushes (Airy, Flashy)

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Mineral Fusion Flashy Blush.jpeg

Here is Flashy Mineral Fusion Blush.

Mineral Fusion Airy Blush.jpeg
This is Mineral Fusion Airy Blush.

Who doesn’t want a blush that looks so natural that the color appears radiating from within you than some cosmetic?  There are quite a few companies that can help you do that.  However, not all their formulas with many, tiny printed chemical ingredients listed also on those products are the same despite those beauty results like what you can expect from Mineral Fusion’s cosmetics, a natural brand that offers a healthier option.  

This wonderful vegan cosmetic brand takes the guessing out of what possibly could be going into your skin with their purer formulas. Take the Mineral Fusion Blush that I got to try.  Their product has no talc, glutens, fragrance, phthalates or artificial color.  

Flashy is a warm pink with a peachy tone.  On the company’s website, they describe Airy as mauve shimmer.  Against my skin, this is a shimmer shade that has some copper to that mauve. These are the two lovely shades I was sent, but there are four other colors available. 

Swatches of Mineral Fusion Airy and Flashy Blush.jpeg
Here I swatched both Mineral Fusion Blushes for you.  Airy is closest to my wrist with Flashy on the left.

The best part is how your face looks once you dust this silky natural blush on.  I noticed that it seems to brighten the skin up, more than just from flattering color on the surface but at a deeper level.  Maybe it is the pomegranate, white tea, red tea, sea kelp, vitamins, and antioxidants that managed to pull that off. Whatever it is, my face loves the glow and so will yours.

If you want to feel like your skin is beaming, you need to visit Mineral Fusion website or Whole Foods and check out their Blushes ($21.99).  


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