A Reason to Rethink Makeup During Bad Breakouts

A Reason to Rethink Makeup During Bad Breakouts Red lipstick
Makeup colors can work for or against you so be sure that you’re in the know when those bad breakouts strike.


A bad breakout usually likes to happen when you have something important on your calender–-like a big date or job interview.  However, there is even more that you can do that you might have overlooked. After you do all you can to minimize the redness and cover it, you need to think carefully about the color of those other cosmetics that you wear when this occurs.

Selecting makeup  during bad breakouts involves using a palette of colors that won’t announce your problem.  If you don’t want to call attention to that “zit,” then steer clear of red lipsticks, glosses, stains and blushes that can only draw out that blemish’s color like a spotlight taken to your face.  Instead, you can downplay that redness with nudes or soft brown shades!

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