The Remedy Rush Box Review: Fall 2015


The Remedy Rush Subscription Fall 2015 Box products
The Remedy Rush Subscription Fall 2015 Box


We all have too much stress in our lives.  Fortunately, I have the cure to help you relax both body and mind. It’s called The Remedy Rush box.

What exactly is The Remedy Rush box?  This is a quarterly spa subscription box of all natural, organic artisan spa and body products to fit your needs for each new season. On an average, expect between seven and ten products from four or five different companies that never use ingredients that can compromise your health. Instead, you’ll only find wildcrafted or organic herbs, herbal extracts, pure essential oils, cold-pressed fruit, nut oils, and butters in any of the cruelty-free products.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Before I get too carried away telling you about the contents of this Fall 2015 box I received, I should tell that price their price is quite reasonable at $59 a quarter with free USA shipping with an additional $9.99 shipping rate for Canadian subscribers.

Now that I got my excitement more under control, I will fill you in on this particular box because I honestly love it.

The Remedy Rush Spa Subscription Box –Fall 2015


1.  Wood Sprite Organic Body Ginger Glow Warming Herbal Sea Salts (4 oz.)-$6.50

2.  Wood Sprite Organic Body Ginger Glow Warming Sea Salt Glow (2 oz.)—-$4.00

3.  Wood Sprite Organic Body Lemon Verbena Aromatherapy Votive Candle—$6.00

4.  Wood Sprite Organic Body Sauna Blend Aromatherapy Votive Candle——-$6.00

5.  Fabulous Frannie De-Stress Essential Oil Blend Roll-on—————————$5.95

6.  Fabulous Frannie 100% Pure French Lavender Essential Oil———————$8.90

7.  Moon Valley Organics  New Moon Melt Lotion Bar (1.9 oz.)———————-$11.99

8.  Moon Valley Organics  Orange Spice Bar Soap (4 oz.)—————————–$5.99

9.  Moon Valley Organics Herbal Lip Balm (.15 oz.)————————————$2.99

10.  Innate Arnica & Turmeric Muscle and Joint Balm (2 oz.)—————————$18.00

Total Value: $76.30!


The first thing I did later that evening my box arrived was to turn my bathroom into my own private spa sanctuary.  I took the Wood Sprite Organic Body’s Ginger Glow Warming Herbal Bath Salts with me and emptied the contents while running my bath.  The spicy fragrance was so inviting, but once I climbed into the water, those mineral-rich sea salts, herbs, and pure essential oils specifically formulated to promote circulation started to kick in.  I started to feel my aches and tension ease up as a soothing warmth spread over me, not to say that suddenly relaxed state I was feeling inhaling that therapeutic aroma.

The New Moon Orange Cleansing Bar from Moon Valley Organics that I tried also had an appealing spicy fragrance and lathered well while caring and repairing my skin at the same time with its red palm oil, vitamin E, clove, and plantain leaf just to name a few of the quality ingredients inside.

The Remedy Rush Moon Valley Organics New Moon Orange Cleansing Bar
New Moon Orange Cleansing Bar 

The Wood Sprite Organic Body’s votive candles that were fashioned from pure essential oils  are incredible for improving your mood.  There is no artificial fragrance at work, but genuine aromatherapy that you will experience.  I can’t decide which scent I cherish more–the Lemon Verbena or the Sauna Blend.

The Moon Valley Organics Herbal Lip Balm has lots of healing power from cold pressed oils, organic beeswax and vanilla and lemon essential oils.  Chapped lips don’t stand a chance with a tube of this lip balm in your possession.

I also had a chance to try out the Wood Sprite Organic Body’s Ginger Salt Glow on another occasion. What I did was to scoop some out and massaged it over my dry body using a circular motion before I was about to get a bath. This product has a finer grain texture than some similar exfoliating salts.  It is ideal for controlling cellulite with how it exfoliates and stimulates the blood flow for better circulation.

I didn’t try the Innate Arnica & Turmeric Muscle and Joint Butter yet, but the next time I ache this is handy and within reach on my night stand.  With a blend of essential oils such as sunflower, lavender, peppermint, ginger, turmeric, and arnica, it sounds capable of some welcome relief.

The Fabulous Frannie 100% Pure Lavender Oil is one that I never tried until this box showed up, but love it.  I use lavender oil for my DIY beauty recipes, burns, and just for helping me relax or sleep after a hard day.

Another Fabulous Frannie De-Stress Essential Oil Blend Roll-on currently resides on my computer desk where it will stay.  The formula smells delightful with its calming aroma of grapefruit, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils in a coconut carrier oil.

Yet, how could I forget the Moon Valley Organics Moon Melt Lotion Bar.  This herbal soap for healing dry skin came in a tin container.  First off, it smells amazing with subtle spiciness as well as a delectable vanilla creaminess to this round bar, which is highly moisturizing.  The soap has 100% USDA certified organic herbs such as calendula and comfrey in addition to its organic beeswax, vanilla, and safflower oil.

The Remedy Rush Moon Melt Lotion Bar
This is the Moon Melt Lotion Bar.


Now that you heard all of this, you’re probably wondering when is the next box coming out?  If you want to get your hands on the Spring 2016 box, then you need to get moving before they ship on March 20. Place your order by March 4 to save 10% off your purchase with coupon code SAVE10 at checkout. These boxes sell out fast so don’t delay or you might miss out.  Do yourself a favor and head to The Remedy Rush!

In the meantime, you need to enter The One Year Subscription to The Remedy Rush Giveaway.  Again, you must hurry.  You only have six days left until it closes at the end of this month.  Good luck!


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