Make Less Mistakes Shaping Brows With These Tips

Make Less Mistakes Shaping Brows Brow
This beauty knows the secret  behind perfect brows.


Shaping your eyebrows can change your entire face–that is if you do it right.  Sometimes, it can be easy to jump in with the tweezers and over pluck.  However, here is a foolproof way to save yourself grief from a bad job in the future.  Once you follow my lead, you will make fewer mistakes shaping brows with these tips.

Before you pick up your tweezers again, you should look into makeup stash or head to the store to buy a white eyeliner pencil.  At this time, try using that white pencil to lightly sketch the natural shape of the brow. Think of it as making yourself a pattern of what you were born with that can easily be wiped away when finished.

Now you are ready to grab your tweezers.  Don’t ever pluck above the brows.  Instead, start at one end of your brow and tweeze one hair at a time.  Look at yourself in the mirror after each one is removed before plucking another as follow your arch.  Remember the older we get, the more gravity will cause our brows sagging downward.  But tweezing them in this fashion from underneath will give the eyes more lift.

Another thing that I want to point is both eyebrows don’t have to be exactly the same.  No one ever has ones that are identical so stop worrying about that.

For the most natural looking brows, you might want to stick with a shape suited to your unique facial structure.  Do read my previous post on how to create the most flattering shape of brow for you.

Trust me, but I promise you that you will make fewer mistakes shaping brows adding these few tips to your beauty routine.  Together along with a white pencil, you will definitely improve your odds of the best shaped brows ever. I hope that you do try them.



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