How to Get the Best Lashes From Your Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Curler
Learn how to make your eyelash curler do more for those beautiful eyes of yours.


Curling lashes before applying mascara does make a difference in how this simple process can lift the lashes to make them look more prominent.  Using an eyelash curler also provides a better platform for your mascara wand to grab onto instead of allowing lashes to hide. However, there is even more that this little indispensable beauty tool can do for even better results.

Introducing some gentle heat to lashes as they curl definitely helps stretch the lashes to new heights.  Of course, you can buy a heated eyelash curler, but they can be pricier than the inexpensive ones with the rubber grip.  If you don’t want to spend the extra for a new tool, then this beauty tip is for you.

What you do is get your hair dryer and gently heat the rubber strip inside the eyelash curler that grips onto the lashes for a minute or so first before using it on your eyes.  The gentle heat manages to stretch the lashes even further, closely replicating the effect of a more expensive, heated curler.

I hope that you try this beauty trick of mine because it is the next best thing to an actual heated eyelash curler and will help you get more phenomenal lashes!



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