An Easy Hair Trick When You Overdo the Hair Spray

hair dryer.jpeg
The unexpected solution to a hair spray overload may be one that you overlooked until now.

Who hasn’t gone overboard with hair spray at one time or another?  Instead of panicking over what you have just done because you’re now stuck with a head full of hard, unmovable hair, you might want to try this helpful hair tip because it can get you out of a bind, especially if you’re running late or out of dry shampoo.

The next time this happens, I suggest taking your hair dryer out and put some heat to your ruined hair.  In fact, you might start to see the hair begin to smoke soon afterwards, but it is nothing to get upset about. Your hair isn’t burning up from what you’re seeing from that initial puff or two as you gaze at yourself in the mirror–-only that unwanted hair spray leaving your hair!

I do hope you that you do try this beauty tip because it does work well to save your style!


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