How to Correct Mascara Overload

Woman Smiling After Correcting Mascara Overload
This beauty is in the know when it comes to the look of her mascara.  


Don’t you hate when you have your makeup nearly done only to notice that you went too heavy on the mascara? Those extra coats or new formula just seemed to exaggerate your lashes, but not in the flattering way as you expected.  Instead, you are left staring in the mirror at your eyes with those brittle, wadded together lashes in disgust, thinking that you’re going to have to wipe the makeup off and start over again. Right?  Here is a simple and easy makeup tip to correct a mascara overload.

I found a sensational way to solve that mascara overload problem that you really need to try. Though you don’t want to plan ahead to anticipate future mistakes, what I will show you saves a lot of trouble just in case.  You will need to buy an extra toothbrush and cotton swabs when the need arises just for this purpose so make sure to have them on hand.

What you do is pour some of your eye makeup remover over that fresh toothbrush until it moistened enough to use without dripping to gently go over your lashes with.  It’s a good idea to have a cotton swab or two dunked in some of that eye makeup remover as well in case you accidentally get a bit of that mascara on your lid to clean up the mishap.

With this super trick, you get extra control of how much mascara you want to take off.  Do try this makeup tip for mascara overload because it does work and can often save you from redoing!


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