Helpful Advice for Counteracting Adult Acne That Can a Difference

Woman With Adult Acne
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Anna Nekrashevich

Just when you thought the days of bad skin were finally behind you, the worst happens.  Your formerly clear complexion suddenly takes a drastic turn.  For some reason, your face keeps breaking out and you can’t understand why.  After all, you are vigilant about caring for your skin as well as eating a healthy diet. You even went as far to check all your product labels for comedogenic ingredients, but it didn’t help you figure out the cause of your adult acne.

The Reasons Adult Acne Can Flare Up Vary

Of course, your hormones could be acting up or reacting to a new medication but your doctor assured you that everything is fine in that department.  Heredity can’t play a part because no family member that you’re aware of had adult acne.  Why now?

Genetics and hormones aren’t the only things that can trigger bad skin. Stress can also have a lot to do with disrupting your beauty because it is known to aggravate skin since it accelerates inflammation. Perhaps, you’ve been having some unexpected problems at work, or at home such as going through a divorce, death or hospitalization of a family member or experiencing a hefty money problem.  The stress that you’re putting your body through can trigger your hormones and produce cortisol to pump your skin with oil enough to produce acne lesions that because of stress won’t heal as it normally would.

Though you were avoiding the foods you have always associated with acne such as chocolate and fried foods, you need to be very mindful of high carbohydrates such as cakes, cookies, white bread, potatoes, rice, and refined sugars and processed foods, which also are full of sugars and salt.  These all can raise blood sugar and make this problem worse.

Instead, what foods can help are more high-fiber choices.  Try to learn how to cook with more beans, vegetables, and fruits as well as nuts.  Instituting these foods into your diet can be all it takes to clear up your skin.

As important as high-fiber foods are, it is also very helpful to change how you eat those foods.  Eat more smaller meals over larger ones  or do more frequent snacking during your day.  Eating less and more often can help keep your blood sugar stable to improve what’s going beneath the surface the skin.

Sometimes, you may be overlooking little causes of this undesired problem.  Ask yourself when was the last time that you cleaned your phone?  The same goes for your glasses, tablets, keyboards, etc. that you touch countlessly through your day. Think of all the bacteria that get transferred from that device to your face can make your stomach crawl.  Therefore, protect yourself and remember to use an alcohol wipe or hand sanitizer first.

Another small thing to ask yourself is if you remove your makeup before working out or not?  Sure, you want to look good at the gym, but not at the expense of your face since the makeup can block your pores once you begin sweating.  This problem can be worse once you are packed in a tight fitting outfit that will cause freshly oxygenated blood along with acids and salts straight to your made-up face, clogging the pores with toxins and whatever the ingredients are in your cosmetics.

Even your bedding can play a part in this problem.  Changing your pillowcase more often than once or twice a week can make a difference.  Also, avoid liquid fabric softeners in your towels and bedding because they can create a film that becomes imbedded in the fabric, which will end up clogging your pores.

What I shared with you is just a place to start in your issue with adult acne.  Hopefully, it will be help you take more control and get your beautiful complexion back.


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