How to Make Tinted Moisturizer


Amazing Cosmetics Concealer to Make Tinted Moisturizer
Smart beauties never get frustrated just because they run out of a favorite product. They adapt.  


Don’t you hate when you run out of your favorite tinted moisturizer?  Of course, you can run to the store or order online to immediately replace it.  However, this simple task can take time, which we always do not have.  Therefore, I want to show you how to simply make your own tinted moisturizer so your beauty never suffers until you can restock again.

Depending on how much coverage you need, you can do this trick in two ways.  The first method uses a liquid concealer and your favorite moisturizer with SPF.  All you need to do is pour about a quarter size amount of that daily facial moisturizer in the palm of your hand.  Next, you squeeze out a little bit of that concealer in the same palm.  The size of a dime should be more than enough and it is what I use.  What you do next is to get a cotton swab and mix the moisturizer and concealer until it blends, then apply. Voilá!  You have an instant tinted moisturizer.

The second method also can be a great tinted moisturizer save until you get reunited with your favorite one.  Follow the above same steps, but you will substitute your liquid foundation instead of the concealer.  This makeup trick also works very well for this purpose when you run out of your tinted moisturizer.

If you need more coverage, you might love to try another great DIY makeup trick that comes in handy to make your own DIY Luminous Foundation.  You’ll appreciate how simple it is to do while using the foundation you have on hand. You will be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful effect that is possible while saving you money in the process.



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