Review: Lavanila’s NEW Vanilla Bean Creamy Body Oil – What Your Skin and Senses Long for!

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Natural brand, Lavanila, has come out with another amazing scented vanilla-based beauty product to entice us with.  This time the temptation is in the form of their recently released Vanilla Bean Creamy Body Oil that arrived for this review.

Lavanila’s Vanilla Bean Creamy Body Oil.jpeg
Lavanila’s NEW Vanilla Bean Creamy Body Oil

The formula has a pampering blend of Madagascar vanilla bean, argan, and coconut oils suspended in a luxurious body care emulsion.  

You might be curious how much moisturizing you can get out of its 3.4 oz. bottle, which is small.  I asked myself the same question at first until finding out that you can lubricate yourself with just a few, non-greasy drops compared to the amount needed of oils, lotions, and creams that you may be using now.

Besides providing a healthier skin care option, what also endears Lavanila to my heart, is how long-lasting their scents can be.  This Vanilla Bean Creamy Body Oil keeps up with that fine standard for many of hours wear while keeping your senses happy by its alluring vanilla aroma that beautifully radiates from your soft, treated skin.

If you love the scent of vanilla and are looking for a natural brand body oil, I do recommend visiting Lavanila and trying the Vanilla Bean Creamy Body Oil ($39) because it may be the dry skin body care product that you have been longing for.


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