Review: Prospurly Subscription Box (Organic, Artisan-Crafted Products) for January 2016

Prospurly Subscription Box for January 2016
Prospurly January 2016 Subscription Box


Those who are seeking to live a greener life and take a healthier approach through organic products whether for the body, mind, or the foods they eat would love the Prospurly subscription box. This monthly subscription box is one that helps acquaint you with between six and eight quality organic, artisan-crafted products centered around a theme that can only make your life better.

A monthly subscription runs $49.95, but usually has at least an $80 value.  Every item is organic and made in small batches from gourmet foods to bath and body care products.

If you’re curious about what a typical box would be like let me show you what you might expect from the January box that arrived for this review.  Giving a proper start to the New Year was the theme of that box entitled a New Adventure.


Prospurly Subscription Box for January 2016


1.  Barefoot Apothecary Chamomile-Infused Honey Elixir——————–$6.00

2.  Blythe Market Detox Footbath—————————————————$10.00

3.  Handmade La Conner Laundry Soap——————————————–$8.00

4.  Fawn + Lily Geranium Argan Facial Serum————————————$24.00

5. Fawn + Lily Chai Spice Lip Balm—————————————————$4.50

6.  Faber-Castell Slate Grey Mechanical Pencil———————————–$16.00

7.  Prospurly Affirmation Cards ——————————————————-$7.95

Total Suggested Value: $76.45


The Barefoot Apothecary’s Honey Elixir happened to arrive just in time to care for my irritated throat.  I’ve used honey in the past to soothe the throat when you have that urge to cough.  This formula with amber wildflower honey and herbs of chamomile, skullcap and hops flowers along with vanilla beans had an extra pleasant taste.  You can also use it as you would other honey, but it needs to comfort my throat.

The Blythe Market Detox Footbath is a treat for sore, tired feet with its therapeutic grade essential oils of juniper berry and wild orange aided by Dead Sea and Epsom salts that I tried the other day for a relieving soak. Be careful though when you open this tin container because it is unsealed and loaded to the rim.

The Handmade Lavender La Conner Laundry Soap came in a small eight-oz. bag.  This highly concentrated natural and vegan laundry soap has no fillers, parabens, phosphates, chlorine, artificial colors or fragrance and is meant to provide 16 to 32 loads using one tablespoon per regular load.  Seriously, I had my doubts how well one tablespoon of this soap could clean clothes, but my clothes turned out quite nice. Anyone sensitive to normal laundry detergent might want to look into this gentle formula.

The Fawn + Lily Geranium Argan Facial Serum is a nourishing blend of nine healing oils that any skin type can benefit from.  Besides its organic argan, jojoba, macadamia nut and vitamin E oils, it also has quite a few essential oils like its geranium, carrot seed, among others to help the complexion thrive.  A drop or two was all you will need to moisturize your face.

Another Fawn + Lily product that I also got a chance to try was their Spiced Chai + Coconut Lip Balm. My dry lips loved the somewhat slight hint of chocolate taste, not to mention the immediate comfort this organic lip balm has.

There was also an expensive, refillable Faber-Castell Mechanical Pencil. It’s a nice looking silver pencil that I’m gifting my friend along with the four Prospurly affirmation cards to promote a better mind set since she is going through a rough divorce.

I really enjoyed this Prospurly box and the delightful selection of organic products that I discovered in the process.  Now I am aware of a few more new brands that I will be interested in buying more from again because of what I found here.

If a Prospurly Subscription Box of organic, artisan-crafted products sounds just the thing for you too, then you only have until the 25th of each month to place your order for the next, upcoming box.  Use my coupon code, LOVED at checkout and save 10% off for life of that $49.95 subscription box price!



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