Terra Bella Box February 2016 Review + Coupon Code


Terra Bella Box for February 2016 close up.jpeg
Here is  the Terra Bella Box for February 2016.


Unlike shopping in a store or online for a specific product, half the fun of ordering a subscription box is the anticipation of what could be inside as well as stumbling on some items that you probably might never have heard of before.  A good subscription box saves you hassle and time of bringing those companies to your attention like the Terra Bella Box that arrived. Anyone that is trying to limit their exposure to chemicals would love this natural beauty subscription box.  This is a well-coordinated box of natural, handmade beauty products from lotions, body and bath care, fragrances, cosmetics, soaps, etc. that takes the guesswork of trying to decipher and research all those chemical ingredients with healthier alternatives.

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The Terra Bella Box comes with five or six beauty items at a price of $34.95 plus shipping.  It also includes a card detailing how to use each product, the value, and a link to that small manufacturer’s website if you want to reorder.

The thought of knowing what exactly is going into your skin or entering your bloodstream sounds appealing to me.  I bet you agree once you look at the simpler list of the product ingredients.

For example, let me share my first Terra Bella Box with you below.  This is the February 2016 assortment. Here is what it included.


Terra Bella Box for February 2016


1.  qc naturals lottie’s body oil (4 oz.)———————————————–$20.00

2.  Indigo Wild’s Zum Rub Moisturizer in Lavender (2.5 oz. tin)————–$10.00

3.  Miss Violet Lace’s Breath Atomizer in Wild Strawberries (1 oz.)———$10.00

4.  Whiskey, Ink & Lace’s Cinnamon Lip Plumper (7ml roll-on)—————-$5.00

5.  Country Market Crafts Chocolate Cupcake Bubble Bar & Bath Bomb—$4.23

Total approximate value:  $49.23!


The qc naturals lottie’s body oil is delightful in the gentle way it moisturizes with its organic oils of coconut, sunflower, jojoba, rice bran, cranberry seed and grapeseed.  I like that the product has a pump to dispense it with. Also, I didn’t need to use too much once I applied to my freshly damp body after showering to lock in moisture and gain soft skin.

The Indigo Wild’s Zum Rub Moisturizer is wonderful for those extra dry spots like elbows, cuticles and heels.  This thick formula has goat’s milk, shea butter, sunflower oil, grapeseed, coconut, Bulgarian lavender oil, and vitamin E are just some of its ingredients.  This product did great work banishing my rough elbows while leaving me with a lovely, lingering lavender scent.

Miss Violet Lace’s Breath Atomizer in Wild Strawberries is nice to keep in your handbag or at work for extra breath confidence with its organic strawberry extract sweetened with stevia.

The Whisky, Ink & Lace’s Cinnamon Lip Plumper is a roll-on with a spicy, cinnamon flavor and tingle to it. My lips did slightly swell and become pinker from the effect of its stimulating cinnamon oil.

The Country Market Crafts Chocolate Cupcake Bubble Bar and Bath Bomb is a nonfattening way to indulge in chocolate. This little cupcake for bathing has a cute topping that once put under running water gives lots of bubbles while that luscious-smelling chocolate bottom has sweet almond oil and Dead Sea salts for moisturizing the skin while you soak.

I really enjoyed this Terra Bella Box because it did the work for me in finding some natural skin care companies that I would like to buy from again.  Now I am so hyped up about what the next Terra Bella Box will contain.  All I know so far is that the next March Box will have a Lunasea Botanicals Carrot Tomato Alpha Hydroxy Face Cleanser ($14.00), which sounds interesting.

If a Terra Bella Box sounds like your type of beauty subscription box, then I have a coupon code of N4SBONUS that will get you a FREE bonus product in your first box.  This code only applies toward a regular subscription and will not work for a Terra Bella Lite Box (this is a smaller box with two or three products).  Check this one out because I’m sure that you like Terra Bella Box as much as I do!



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