The Advantages or NOT That Facial Toner Can Have!

Facial Toner
Are you sure that you really need a facial toner or are you just accustomed to using one out of habit?


For years we have been lead to believe that facial toner is a must for every skin type.  Yet, does this still hold as true as it once was?

Originally, a facial toner was formulated to deep clean the pores and restore the complexion after cleansing to its former natural pH level since the process of washing with a bar of soap can strip away the beneficial acid that is normally on the skin.  When the complexion is robbed of that slight acidity that it needs, the skin is left unbalanced and vulnerable to bacteria that can cause breakouts and moisture loss.  Too much alkaline on the skin’s surface also means that it is less protected from damaging sun and environmental substances that can enter the dermis and find their way into the epidermis to speed up aging.

However, skin care products have advanced significantly over the years.  As a result, our dependency on toners has also changed with these new developments in how we are made to care for our skin.

According to some dermatologists, people with normal or dry complexions don’t really need a facial toner as long as they exfoliate regularly and use a non-stripping cleanser that won’t play with the skin’s pH levels.  They recommend that the skin’s pH level stay between five and six to keep it healthy.  On the other hand, those with oily complexions and acne should use a toner.

This is not to say that your complexion can’t benefit from the ingredients in various types of suitable toners, it is just not as an essential step for the complexion’s health as it once was.


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