The Best Methods to Temporarily Cover a Tattoo

Woman getting a tattoo
There may be an occasion that you need to temporarily mask all that artwork.   These tips can help.


Though tattoos may be the rage right now, there might come a time when you may want to cover that tat for some reason.  If so, you will have your work cut out for you because normal foundations and concealers are usually too sheer to hide the ink.  Nonetheless, there are still ways to artfully handle the problem.

The first thing that you’ll want to try is a tattoo cover up makeup.  This type of product is much like a concealer, only a lot thicker and better suited for masking dark ink.  In fact, you might want to think about looking into a tattoo wheel of shades that are meant to handle various colors of tattoos in one product.

Another option is layering a full-coverage foundation before applying a setting powder. This may work, but the ink still may show through.  If this is the case, you could repeat layering the foundation again and setting it once or twice more with additional powder applications.

Despite your best efforts, there is always the chance that your tattoo will still show.  Yet, there is still more than can be done like using Liquid Skin, the liquid bandage, which acts much like a primer does for your makeup for making a great base to start the process of hiding that tattoo.

What you do is apply the Liquid Skin to the tattoo and let it dry thoroughly first before attempting to cover with your tattoo cover up makeup, which really is the preferred product that you should be using.

Your best bet is to go a shade lighter than your skin color and simply press the tattoo makeup into the area that needs covering.   Avoid brushing or rubbing that makeup too much or you won’t fully hide the area as you need. Then just like with the foundation method, you’ll want to lock the tattoo makeup in place with a dusting of setting power.  Finally, make sure to blend the edges of your work with your fingers or a sponge to even the product out. By the time you finish, you’ll wonder where that tattoo went–at least for a while.



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