These Great Tips Can Keep Your Makeup and Skin Care Products More Hygienic and Deteriorating Less!

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Increase the shelf life of your cosmetics and keep your complexion thriving just with a few simple changes.

All the beauty products that we come to rely on so heavily can amount to a considerable investment when you tally everything up.  If you want to keep those cosmetics and skin care products lasting longer and healthier to use, there are some simple precautions that you can take that helps keep the formulas more sterile.  

For instance, when you buy a new skin care cream, compact of blusher, finishing powder, eye shadow palette, you might want to hold on to the inner plastic disc or sheet that comes inside instead of tossing it. You may think that inner plastic just is there to keep the product intact through shipment, but it also serves another purpose.  That thin plastic sheet or disc  can help cut down on the amount of the airborne bacteria present every time that you open the jar, compact, etc., provided you put it back.

Our fingers can be wonderful makeup tools, especially for liquid foundations, concealers, moisturizers, serums, creams, etc., but they also bring in bacteria.  Over time, the liquid, cream, lotions, and serums can build up and become dangerous for the health of your complexion.  A wiser choice would be to depend more on clean makeup brushes and sponges and wash them after each use.  Cotton squares can work as a temporary, disposable powder puff that you can throw away each time. 

With just a few little changes to your beauty, these great tips can keep you from contamination to preserve that lovely complexion and keep you looking fabulous. 


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