American Gluten-Free Subscription Box March 2016 Review


American Gluten-Free Subscription Box March 2016
American Gluten-Free Subscription Box for March 2016


Many of us are trying to avoid gluten in our diets.  If you are among those that may have an allergy or related problem because of it and need replacements, you may not know exactly where to start. Therefore, let me introduce the American Gluten-Free Box that helps find delicious gluten free meals and snack food items from rice, pasta, spices, sauces, chocolates, wraps, and condiments among others.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

All the products from the small locally sourced businesses must pass the strict FDA requirement of 20 parts per million or less gluten to become gluten-free certified before they will show up in an American Gluten-Free Box.  The cost per box is $36.95 with free shipping within the continental United States. Also included is a card listing all the products and each company’s website to buy more when you run out.

This is a great way to shop for those quality organic and non-gmo foods gluten free foods from what I have discovered in the March 2016 box. Are you ready to explore the contents of my box with me?

American Gluten-Free Box  March 2016


1.  Kelley’s Gourmet Stone Ground Mustard (8 oz.)————————————–($5.00)

2.  Julian Bakery’s Poleo Wraps (7 ct.)—————————————————– ($7.99)

3.  Quinn Popcorn (two bags in this 7-oz. box)——————————————–($4.99)

4.  Al Dente Pasta (8-oz.)—————————————————————————–($3.39)

5. That’s It Bar (Apple-Strawberry Fruit Bar)———————————————– ($1.66)

6.  That’s It Bar (Apple-Mango Fruit Bar)—————————————————–($1.66)

7.  Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans (2.75 oz.)———————————————($1.95)

8.  Vermints Peppermint Mints (1.41 oz.)—————————————————–($2.90)

9.  Joie Yolky Egg Separator——————————————————————- ($4.99)


Total Approximate Value: $34.53


The Kelley’s mustard is an award-winning zesty ground mustard with some sweetness as well as nip to it.  This was delicious when I sampled it on my sandwich and burger.

The Julian Bakery Poleo Wraps is a wonderful alternative to flour or corn tortillas.  These wrappers are made out of coconut meat, water, and their oil.  I used this just to stuff as I did the flour version.

The Quinn Popcorn came in the Vermont Maple & Sea Salt variety.  The packet of seasoning that you later add to this bag of freshly popped microwave popcorn made for a tasty change from popcorn salt with its combination of sweet to salt.

The Al Dente Gluten Free Pasta Spirals are in Garlic Parsley.  I had made this quick cooking pasta a few nights ago with cauliflower and lentils.  It was delicious and made an easy dinner.

Both That’s It Fruit Bars had no sugar added, only relying on the fruits’ natural goodness for sweetness.  We really gobbled these soft bars up with how yummy they were.

The Surf Sweet Organic Jelly Beans is one that I’ve discovered previously.  These little candies are so fruity and also naturally flavored. The fruit flavor really does come through compared to sugary, traditional jelly beans.

The Vermints Peppermint Organic Mints were so refreshing with a blast of icy mint once popping it into your mouth.  These are wonderful to keep stashed in your desk or handbag.

The Joie Yolky Separator is something that I didn’t get a chance to try yet.  You can attach this your bowl and simplify what can be often a frustrating task.

What I really liked was the variety and the quality of each gluten-free item in this March 2016 American Gluten-Free Box. This subscription was an excellent resource for acquainting you with better food choices for this type of dietary problem–-at least it did for me.  I hope that if you need to watch your gluten intake, then you visit their website and sign up because it is worth it in my opinion. Do check it out for yourself because you’ll like it once you give it a try.


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